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When it comes to sexy straight or gay guys that enjoy jerking off, sucking and fucking for a gay audience then Sean Cody is the site for you. There is not a single thing bad about this site; in fact, I found this site to be one of the top and my favorite site of all time.

First off, the guys in here are absolutely gorgeous. Sean Cody has some of the hottest models on the web! All with a great built body, there are no scrawny, chubbies or just an ďaverageĒ looking guy. Itís one thing why Sean Cody is one of the top sites because they carefully choose and pick their models.

Upon Subscribing to this awesome site youíll get access to complete exclusive video and photo galleries. These high-quality videos (RealPlayer, Windows Media Players, and Mpeg available for downloading) are very clear especially in full-screen and normally are quite long at 10-30 minutes per episode. There are over 200 videos in their library and a new one added every week to keep you busy and as a matter of fact, like a drug, youíll get addicted.

If you havenít visited Sean Cody before, donít wait any longer, as your missing out and probably one of the last guys to do so by now. The site keeps getting better and better and like I said before, youíll find it very addictive and you may just find yourself in love with one of the best sites on the web with all the hottest action, highest quality video, and most importantly gorgeous and active models!

Full Sean Cody videos and pictures!

Sean Cody - Dan

Dan is a pretty big boy for an 18 years old guy. Even the camera man is facsinated, and I'm fancinated as well at how big his muscles are at 18 years old. Dan is weighting at 215 pounds and he is definitely packing something real big under his pants!

He was a jock in high school, being on the football, basketball, baseball, and hockey teams.

He's started community college and plans on going to a four-year university from there.

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Sean Cody - Jim and Greg

Whenever a guy gets fucked for the first time, the question he inevitably asks is: "How big is the other guy?"

I guess they always have this image in their heads of a giant-horse dick that's going rip them up!

So he met Jim and they seemed to click. Jim's a little bit older than Greg and I think a little more experienced as well.

I love Greg's butt and how hairy his ass crack is. It was fun watching it get fucked!

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Sean Cody - Jeff and John


Jeff and John are identical twins who just turned 19 years old. Jeff is the one with the longer hair. John's hair is shorter.

I've often wondered what it would be like to have a twin. Would it be weird seeing yourself every day? And would you even get along?

That doesn't seem to be a problem with these two. I've known many sets of twins, but I don't think I've ever seen any as connected as these two.

We took them out to dinner and they would occasionally, out of the blue, look at each other and laugh. It was like they had an inside-joke-telepathy thing going on or something.

They both identify as straight and say they haven't done anything sexual together (yet). But they have discussed it.

The interesting thing about Jeff and John is that even though they are identical, their cocks are not. Jeff's is longer and curves to his right, while John's is shorter and straighter.

I think that John is the more curious of the two. I caught him sneaking quite a few glances at his brother while they were getting themselves off!

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Sean Cody - Wes

Meet Wes, he's one adorable dude from and is from Portland and he seems very excited to do a video, judging from his attitude when you're watching his full-length video.

Wes has a sexy muscular body with some interesting tattoos, which display a wing on each forearm. Nice!

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Sean Cody - Joel and Curtis

Joey was being kind of cocky and self-assured, trying to break the ice with some hit-and-miss humor! Curtis was quiet and calm, smiling and laughing softly. They started to kiss. Soft at first and then more passionately. So, that's how things began.
Joey positioned Curtis on the bed, put on a condom, and then slid his thick cock into Curtis' ass, out, and then in again.
Curtis got that look on his face that I've grown to know and love. That's how Curtis is, and he's usually hard the whole time he's at it too!

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Sean Cody - Mitch and Chris

Now here's something I never, ever thought I'd see! After a year and half away, Chris is back and he's fucking Mitch!!! The last time I saw Chris, he had done his first and only video. Sometimes these things don't happen quickly! Chris was really stiff at first but Mitch was a champ at putting him at ease.
A little kissing and then they were off. Chris really pounded Mitch's ass and I think Mitch really liked it. The funniest thing about this video is at the end when Mitch cums. By the look on Chris' face, I honestly don't think he's ever seen another guy ejaculate!!

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Curtis, Trey, and Rylan (Behind The Scenes)

Watch Curtis, Trey, and Rylan in this behind the scene takes as it will take your laugher into a whole new level as these three horny studs really know how to have fun.

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Sean Cody - Curtis, Trey, and Rylan

Double updates at featuring Curtis, Trey, and Rylan full length video PLUS behind the scene showing the funniest takes between these three!

These guys really know how to have fun. The scene is beautifully decorated with an awsome pool with three guys just horsing around and fuck each other at the end of the takes. If you're looking for a fun video, be sure to get this one only at Sean Cody.

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What a perfect couple! Just take a look at Cole and Roman, sitting on the bed half naked. Roman has this cute smile on his face just like he's knowing what was coming and that he'd be looking forward to every moment of it. I've always loved this full length seancody video because it's got moments that I enjoy.. almost every minute of it!

When the film started rolling, you'll notice that every time Cole started sucking Roman's cock in different position, he ends up eating Roman's ass instead. Well, I think nobody is complaining that he wanted a cock up there! First Roman's dick was in Cole's mouth, and then his balls, and then Cole's face was planted between Roman's meaty ass cheeks, licking his hairy hole!

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Sean Cody - Joey and Dakota

In this very scene brought to you buy Sean Cody - the hottest straight guys in action on the web. Joey gets to finally give up his virgin ass and he has been talking about it for a long while now but he just can't make the decision of when he should give up that muscular piece of ass. One thing is, this video is jam-packed with hardcore action, even though it's hard to penetrate it down there. You guys are gonna love this!

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Sean Cody - Curtis and Trey

From the pool to the bedroom and it just doesn't end there. That's what happen with SeanCody's Trey fucking the living life out of Curtis. They were all lounging by the pool while stroking themselves, preparing for some lovin' fun!

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Sean Cody - Greg

Meet Greg, original model of Sean Cody of course. He's 21, straight, goddamn cute and is blessed with a DAMN nice sets of nuts. Greg's favorite thing is to slap them on a girl's asshole while he fucks her. Well he can do that anytime to me cause I'd keep this guy forever!
Hopefully we get to see more of Greg in action at in the future!

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Sean Cody - Blowing Kent

Here's something in store at latest update featuring Kent and Eric. Kent on one hand, is a shy type and never really get use to being on camera but just looking at his face and body.. makes me think.. man, a type of hottie like this needs to be ALWAYS on camera! Eric on the other hand isn't that shy, he's a natural and I'm sure every one of you will enjoy this video.

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Sean Cody - Reid Fucks Devin

Two typically hot guys at, what else can I say? Well.. Reid is fucking hot and Devin is a perfect match for Reid. This wrestling match can only be concluded when you actually see it for yourself.. I had and I loved it.

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Sean Cody - Reid fucks Carlton

Sean Cody's latest installment - Reid fucks Carlton has gotten our blood pumped up inside our cock here at and let me tell you how great this scene is:

Reid is amazing, adorable, and absolutely sexy with his cloths off! We've got enough porn to go around but when you have this types of porn you would want to watch it OVER and OVER again. Yep, this is incredible and it doesn't get any better than this... for now.

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Sean Cody - Harley Fucks Emory

Harley and Emory are a perfect couple, you can't even tell who is the bottomer or the toper. Emory is infact, one hot stud.. that's for sure.. and he is a huge fan of as well as a good bottomer. He really love the fact that there is a cock pounding on his tight ass.

Harley loves a good blowjob and an ass rimmin'. Emory acknowledge it and really give Harley the pleasure he wanted. You guys are gonna love the full length video.

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Sean Cody - Owen fucks Brant

This is for all the Sean Cody freaks out there (including me). Anyone who knows has agree that Sean Cody videos are probably the best hardcore gay porn you can find on the net, being 100% exclusive of course. Anyways, enough blabling and to get back on track.

Owen is the new star and he is super HOT! I mean, every episode of Sean Cody has always kept me blowing my load.. and more ... Owen, being 19 has eaten nothing but milkshake and he works out at the gym everyday keeping his body in PERFECT condition. Owen never fucked or looked at another guy's cock before so being his first time he's paired up with Brant, 26, who is a little experience showing Owen the way of pleasure!

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Sean Cody - Jacob fucks Jurek

Sean Cody Jacob is the lucky star that gets to fuck another guy up the ass today. What's more exciting in this video is that it is his first time! Since he has claim that he can get any girls' pussy and now he's claiming any lucky guy's ass! Jurek has been a future star at, all his latest and previous video has kept him as a bottomer. You're going to enjoy this video just as much as I do. ;)

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Sean Cody - Harley fucks Carlton

Carlton is happy about every - getting fucked and getting fucked hard. I like this side of Harley, he's been able to do this video by pulling himself away from his girlfriend and construction job. Although the experience is a joyful for him since he has been using all the tricks and tips on his girlfriend as well - by fucking her up the ass.

This is a perfect match, Carlton love straight guys, it's just the feeling about them and he love the way Harley looks with that huge cock he's carrying.

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Sean Cody - Phil

Phil is 24 years old and straight. He went into the Marines right out of high school, and after his stint was over he started college.
Heís got a long scar right down the middle of his six pack that he had his spleen removed. Phil also has a nice, big, uncut dick.

Besides college, military, ect. Phil is a fighter (similar to ultimate fighter style) and he loves to dominate men. Oh my!

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Sean Cody - Ramiro Fucks Jurek

Sean Cody gives everyone an early Christmas present by releasing another Ramiro on top! Jurek was a shy guy, and this scene proves that he can be tamed with a good topper, that's why Ramiro is here!

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Sean Cody - 3 way - Parker, Danny and Billy

Now, of course, you donít just jump right into a fuck sandwich. You have to build one.
So we started out with Billy feasting on Parkerís cock and Dannyís ass ó at the same time!
Then Billy fucked Danny and then Parker fucked Billy.
And then the stars aligned. Parkerís cock went up Billyís ass while Billyís cock went up Dannyís ass. I was a feat of acrobatics but the guys did it.
Now thatís a fuck session!

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Sean Cody - Parker fucks Billy

I'm sure that most of you have heard about Sean Cody, his ultimate stunning gay stud hardcore website has ranked number one for centuries.. well maybe I'm just exchagerating but every single video shoot that he produce is a complete masterpiece. You don't just have two guys having anal sex, you got two HOT studs having anal sex.

This week at features Parker fucks Billy. Billy has always been my favorite, he is absolutely hot, with that curly hair, hairy chest and big nipples. Not to mention his ass is smack-able! Well, it's been fun watching the videos even though I came like 3 times. I'll surely be looking back to this scene when I need another private session. ;)

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Sean Cody - Roman

There is a new kid in town at, 20 years old Roman has been around on purpose. That's right, he is fucking hot. Roman is from Indiana, it seems like he\'s one of those farm type boys that doesn't get around anywhere. Apparently, he likes to fuck mom and he's done it three times to three of his friends.

Deep down inside this hottie, he is just like every other kids, he loves the Japanese culture, where Godzilla and Japanese Anime is still fun to watch. Apparently, he also loves Asian women - in his interview he wanted to have four children with an Asian women!

Roman likes to keep his body in shape whenever he can, in high school he attended every football practices and every other sports he can think of, including lifting those heavy weights. Take a look more of Roman and his new career at

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Sean Cody -Rodney fucks Cole

Sean Cody's last installment with Rodney and Cole has gotten our blood pumped up inside our cock here at and let me tell you how great this scene is:

After a good massage Cole gave to Rodney he flipped him over and started rimming his ass, you can just tell from the moan of Rodney that he really enjoys it. Rodney then begins to jack off in front of Cole's face and dropped a huge loads!

Of course all that isn't finished before a good fuck action by the two. But you'll have to download the full video and see the rest for yourself.

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Sean Cody - Danny

Danny's first trip to southern California from the midwest had got him all excited. Sure, for a guy that doesn't really go anywhere, just chill out in the small town is kinda painful. Danny is 20 years old and he's got a whole lot of things going on in his life.

Apparently he "has" a girl-friend and she's not happy that he's doing this. For me, I couldn't resist seeing him - just look at his balls, and that tight ass makes me want to cream it. God, has got the best shit going on.

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Sean Cody - Cole fucks Parker

Sean Cody introduced to this hot episode recently, featuring the hot defined Parker and the big and strong Cole.

I\'ve always wonder how Sean Cody does it because if I was filming this, I will have to walk all crawled up from getting a huge hard-on.

Anyways, check out these pics and enjoy them. Don\'t forget to visit if you haven\'t done that yet.

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Slone and Samuel

Sean Cody introduced to this hot episode recently, featuring the hot defined Samuel and the big and strong hunk Slone (Slone sounds like a good name for a buff dude doesn't it? Or am I just picturing Sylvester Stallone topless and bulging in Rocky and associating with the name)

This seancody video starts of slow but picks up quickly, Slone whips out a rather beautiful meat stick, and Samuel starts to go to town on the couch. Moving to an un the knees angle, he gets really deep and shows a good deep throat ability that had me drooling as I worked alone myself. About half way through our muscle hunk decides to show off those triceps, and does a shitload of pushups on the ground, the catch here being that Mr. Samuel was laying on the ground underneath him, demonstrating still his deep throat ability for each completed pushup. Come on Mr. rocky, you know that you're strong, but the only reason you could do so many is because the sensation on your cock was filling those bulging triceps with adrenaline and pleasure, with two balls dangling that would neglect for a long time if you stopped your huge set of push ups! Check out the two sample randy blue pics from this scene above, and if you decide to get a membership to this site anytime in the future, don't miss the full workout movie in the members area.

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Sean Cody Ajay fucks Tad

Holy shit this guy look just like Justin Timberlake! Seancody has a new beautiful new young faced name guy named Tad and heís in for some major experimenting in this shoot. This is Tadís first shoot and in the interview he was a little shy performing in front of the camera so Sean pairs him up with Ajay, who always has been the big star at on breaking in the new boys ;)

The full length seancody video is a hot one youíll want to get your hands on it ASAP if your already all signed up to this top site. Ajay has always loved breaking in the new boys and he does it so well in this shoot. He started out lightly, but then moved on to the deflowering Tad with a dildo and finally inserting his thick rock solid cock in Tadís tight asshole and fucking his brain out.

In the end, it seems like Tad was really enjoying every minute getting pumped by Ajay, they were all over the bed and what makes this video so hot is seeing the guys in deep and passionate sexual enjoyment, truly enough to make your cock so hard, they will have to classify diamond as the second hardest material known on the planet ;)

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Sean Cody Dayton & Spence

Dayton is back for more gay anal action this time with another super hottie, Spence. With Daytonís hard long cock ramming up Spenceís ass he gets the pleasure of a life time! As a matter of fact, the fucking was so hard that the mattress wasnít the only thing that moves all over the place, the bed was too! Dayton is the type of guy that loves to be in a position where he can go deep. Check out Sean Cody Dayton & Spence in this gay hardcore scene that you will enjoy as much as I did ;)

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Sean Cody Dayton & Ajay

Oh God I donít know how long I can keep up from getting a hardon every time I see Ajay in action. SeanCody has a new top for his sites, Dayton is just as amazing, and his looks, body, abs, and the way he fucks! Watching Sean Cody Dayton & Ajay was really hot, and thank you Sean for this and for every time you bring out more. Youíre not alone in the fact on big muscular guy gets fucked by someone who is thinner or smaller than he is! Enjoy the gay anal action brought to you by SeanCody.

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Sean Cody Ajay & Tanner

Just when you think that Ajay would always be on top SeanCody brings us a gay hardcore video with a twist: Tanner fucks Ajay! Thatís right, Sean Cody Ajay & Tanner the muscle man that is cut to the max with a 12 packs pairs up with a cute and handsome Tanner with a slimmer body. Ajay is such versatile and weíve learned that he loves to fuck as much as he loves to get fuck ;) Oh boy, I go nuts over this video, it was really hot to watch the two of them fuck.

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Sean Cody Ajay & Sebastian

What can I say, Iím always turned on at looking at hot muscular built men and SeanCody pairs Ajay up with Sebastian, who had an amazing tight ass that Ajay had a hard time working it! Youíll enjoy this video just as much as I did Ė every minute of Sean Cody Ajay & Sebastian is like a treasure, gay orals and gay anal actions that will drive you nuts you will have to change your pants! Head over to SeanCody for more of their exclusive videos and content you wonít find anywhere else on the web.

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Sean Cody Ajay

Ajayís debut at SeanCody! My all time favorite from the first time Iíve laid eyes on this 25 years old gay muscle definition to the max. First thing about Sean Cody Ajay once his shirt comes off is that he has not an ounce of body fat! The second is big fat cock which only gets bigger and bigger as he strokes it. What an incredible man he is, Iím just so intrigued by his charm. Itís nice to know that there are more and more beautiful men in this world showing up! More of Ajay at SeanCody.

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