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Randy Blue has some of the hot exclusive material for everyone to enjoy and incase you didnít know, Randy Blue is known for having some of the hottest, tastiest boys on the web. With hundreds of top-notch videos and pics updated weekly, plus enough bonus material to keep you cumming for more and more. This is the definition of a mega site because youíll never find anything like this on the web until youíve checked out Randy Blue.

When it comes to hot guys having hot sex, Randy Blue has a huge amount of it. From college jocks to cute twinks to tattooís hunk to sexy Latino boysÖ they just keep cuminí. Watch a solo scene where they stroke themselves till they explode or watch them sucked, getting fucked and working themselves over with a dildos. Randy Blue has it all.

Your subscription to Randy Blue is not only the cheapest things in your life, but youíll also get access to two big bonus sites: Amateur Jerkoff and Twink Jerkoff with over 400 videos episodes and 500+ picture galleries.

The best thing about Randy Blue is that it in really inexpensive compare to other mega sites. This is the site that you can join and never have to surf for another good porn site again. Randy Blue is one of the top of my list site and I recommend you check them out if you havenít because for an unlimited supply of porn with absolutely hot boys on the web youíll have to book your Sundays off.

Full Randy Blue videos and pictures!

Randy Blue - Cody and Kyle

Prepare for some hottie alert! Here are some Randy Blue free pictures for you guys to drool over - Cody and Kyle features in a softcore take where they begin the shoot with some hot rubbing and kissing and sucking and jerking. Two hot guys with perfect body just makes my day a little lighter, definitely.

To me, Cody and Kyle match the description of a perfect couple. You would see these guys walking down the street together and you automatically knows that they're a couple! The girls probably get jealous but hey, hot guys need other hot guys if you know what I mean. We understand each other! Check out the free sample randy blue videos over at!

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Randy Blue - Pierce Daniels

This guy is a stud, wow. Not only his style and charming smiles can turn many heads but damn.. look at all those body arts! Pierce has this thick body and perfect cock that we just want to grab it and lick it before deep throating it. This is what I called a good friggin' shoot and Randy Blue Pictures of Pierce Daniels can prove it to ya, if you're ever bored of pictures and need to see him in action whacking off his hard cock? Then join and download the full length Randy Blue Videos of Pierce Daniels!

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Randy Blue - Brandon James With Toys

Since I haven't done an update on for awhile now doesn't mean I forgot about one of my favorite sites of all time ;) To get back to it, I got this hot.. actually, he is pretty damn fucking sexy. Brandon James, huge, muscular hunk with some nice tattoos all over his body. Normally guys will just have a few meaningless tattoos here and there but this guy? Oh my god, look at that huge cobra on his back!

So Brandon starts off posing on the bed until he picks up some toys to start penetrating his asshole. It's just too damn sexy and horny to see his face when he starts getting his orgasm. Mmmm I'd love to lick all that gooey cum all over his hard abs any day!

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Randy Blue - Brent fucks Cody

Wow, that is some thick body Brent has.. talk about 24/7 in the gym and eatin like a mofo. You'll be surprise to know that Brent has never fuck a guy before and KNOWING that this is his first Randy Blue video ever.

In this video, Cody is full of energy and he won't stop even after he shoot his hot load all over the place. I mean, if you're up against someone like Cody, chances are you'll sleep hella good ;) Check out the rest of Brent fucks Cody in!

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Randy Blue - David Taylor

It's amazing to know that hot guys are from all over the world and you'd be surprise where this hot and gorgeous David Taylor came from! He certainly has a hot body and a thick cock, well that's for sure! Those nice tattoo of art collection has certainly fit his tight body and his smile can seduce just about anyone. I'll tell you one good thing about Taylor though, he loves to jack off and shoot his hot load all over his tight abs, why? Well, he has a lot of imagination and you can only find out more about him at!

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Randy Blue - Trent Davis

Trent Davis is the type of man that every guys and gals would dream of taken home. He's got every features from top to bottom, in a perfect 10! I mean, I've seen quiet a lot of features but it none of them would match Trent, especially the size of his cock! Anyways, this week at Randy Blue full length video will make just about any one happy. So go on and enjoy it!

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Randy Blue - Alex and Reese Fuck Chris Rockway

he hot and sexy Chris Rockway has been on Randy Blue for quite a while and people have been asking me, when is Chris going to bottom? And really, how many of you have been dreaming of seeing Chris Rockway with a dick in his mouth and a dick in his ass! So here it is. Chris Rockway takes one for the team! It all started out innocently enough. I was talking to the guys about what the three of them wanted to do in their next video. You guys might not have realized this but Alex Eden and Reese Rideout have never done a scene together, so the possibilities were endless.

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Randy Blue - Shane Foster

He's got a few bumps and bruises from all of his activities but it adds to his sexy rugged look. He loves to jack off and does so frequently so it was nothing for him to grab his big piece of meat and go to town on it. He even started playing with his ass during the shoot, teasing you just a little. And the most striking thing about this video is the fit of giggles he gets once he starts to come. I've seen all kinds of reactions during a cumshot but I have never seen anyone just start laughing.

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Randy Blue - Reese fucks Kyle

Reese has been working out and tanning and heís looking better than ever. And Kyle always looks absolutely adorable. He looked so good when he came in for the live show last month and I couldnít wait to get him back in here. On the day of the shoot Kyle and Reese couldnít get enough of each other. I was really excited because being my fantasy I didnít need to do a lot of directing, they were so into it that all I had to do was just sat back and watch. And they even surprised me. I was expecting a hot scene but they really raised the roof on this one.

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Randy Blue - James fuck Rocky

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Randy Blue - Brent with Toys

I have always been a fan of Brent, he has just almost every feature that I like. Seeing Brent in action, solo or a toy scene has always made my day, don't you ever has those types of moment?

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Randy Blue - Nick Braso

For those that enjoy a little body hair in muscular men we have something special for you - Nick Braso, recently made his debut at and he is smokin' hot for a guy that is 18 years old. Every part of his body is tight, buff and rock solid, including his 8" cock!

Nick is the type of guy that is comfortable in front of the camera, as you can tell. He enjoys going to the gym everyday to keep that beautiful body in shape. A guy like this is hard too miss out on, especially watching his cumshot scene!

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Randy Blue - Dominic Long

The lean and well hung Dominic Long at got my five ratings this week. What more possible ways to tell you how hot he is other than taking a look at it yourself. That body and smile aside from his charm has probably gotten him far from what I can see.

Randy Blue Dominic was something special, normally you wouldn\'t see a straight guy with a toy being this happy. But for Dominic, he\'s just a pro with it. Too be honest, he can pretty much get anyone or make anyone hard with that charming smile of his.

Dominic is the one thing that makes Randy Blue Video worth well watching and your money worth.

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Mason and Matther - Double Dildo!

Randy Blue Mason and Matthew update here guys! True to their reputation of ultra hot models, these guys we're absolutely stunning, and the episode featuring them down at is definitely worth your attention.

These two guys really get freaky, progressing from ordinary (although passionate and intense) oral action, taking turns getting each other turned on, after maximum hardness is achieved through the blowjobs, hand jobs and fingering fun, a huge double ended dildo comes into play and this video gets the hotness meter turned to max. Those tight athletic bums bump with a tremendous force as the skillfully utilize their pelvic thrusts to get dildo deep within each other.

Enjoy the free randy blue pictures I grabbed from this scene above, and don't miss out on the full episode if your like most people and have a membership laying around, or about to check it out and see why it one of the top site around that you hear everybody talking about.

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Randy Blue Blake & Gavin & James

James, Gavin and Blake are just about the hottest guys that Iíve seen in randyblue (I'm a self confused addict at, so that's a bold statement!) and about as excellent, hung, and hot as any company could hope to have on their roster. Each of them have a hunger for sex and every time you look at them you just have a feeling that there is something of a higher power that selfishly choose to make some comes ultra perfect compared to us normal dudes.

In the previous previews of randyblue we have witnessed gay hunk solo scenes and some couple shoot's, but this randy blue movie delivers us something that weíve always dreamed about getting off on, and this is just a perfect trio, hunkalicious', dickalicious', and oh so fuckalicious' (I'm eating bubble "licious" gum right now, craving a cock in my mouth, hence the over use of the added liciousness to each word) All three guys really get into eachother, with some very heavy sucking and blowing and eating each otherís ass out on film for our masturbation needs.

This video will make your cock rock solid hard and believe me, just by looking at this picture again, made me so stiff, and if you find yourself leaning towards a blood filled member as well, wait till you see the full length randy blue video from this episode... your gonna pop a cork with such intensity, you gonna need a ladder to clean up the mess that somehow ended up on the ceiling!

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Randy Blue Marco

Marco is arguably the hottest gay Latino in the history of RandyBlue! Heís like a fireball of a sexual energy that captured us in a light and then melts us away in to ashes. He does a nice photos and video here that are sexy and kind of innocent all at the same time. Randy Blue Marco has an amazing tan skin, a nice smile, and an ass that we all love. Watch his solo video as he stripped down through out the video and each time he stroke his cock is just amazing to watch. Marco is that type that will make you beg for more so check out RandyBlue for more! Enjoy!

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Randy Blue James & Jude

These two boys drive me crazy and wild every time I look at them in a video or a photo. Just with those lips and eyes and James with the body that has been sculpted with a brown butter! Hot hot! But Letís face it and get back to reality, they look great together. These boys just drips sex and you will not want to miss this gay oral action so here are some photos, then head over to see Randy Blue James & Jude and donít forget to bring a lot of tissue papers or a sock that is lying around because this one is worth watching.

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Randy Blue Gavin & Cody

For those that have seen it and for those that didnít see Gavin and his solo videos now watch Gavinís first time with another guy! Gavin is really muscular with that tight lean body that kept me wanting more. Kody is as always as horny when heís paired up with someone like Gavin. Heck! I would be too! And Kody worked Gavinís cock like there is no tomorrow. See the exclusive Randy Blue Gavin & Kody video of gay orals that will make you cum just thinking about how hot Kody sucked the living life out of Gavinís balls.

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Randy Blue Darren

Check out Darren and his debut solo shoot at RandyBlue. He is totally hot, tan, ripped, and we are talking way hot. His abs is just amazingly nice and tight, best of all; Randy Blue Darren is one of those gay muscle models that you dreamed of every night. He has a really thick cock and a nice nut sack that tighten up while he starts to stroke his cock and explode into a huge loads. More of Darrenís exclusive photo and videos at RandyBlue if you have not seen it yet then head over there for more!

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Randy Blue Cole & Kody & Reese

Okay letís be real, this have to be one of the hottest goddamn gay orgy from RandyBlue! Reeseís first kiss with a guy?! All this teasing in the shower, hardcore orals with 3 of the hottest guys exclusively from RandyBlue had me nut in my pants because my balls couldnít hold it anymore. I canít begin to describe how good this video is but just tell you guys to go watch it yourself. Hurry and watch Randy Blue Cole & Kody & Reese or in a short description: Reese, Cole and Kody get into it! The cumshots are just magnificent.

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