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For those guys that crave those crazy gay night clubs, pool parties, beach parties and even gay parades you are about to meet the site that says it all. Papi delivers us with their gay lifestyle parties, celebrations with tons of hot guys dancing, drinking, stripping, fucking and sucking.

Their website has a simple layout and you wonít get lost at all. The tour shows all the parties and their member area is easy to navigate. With latest update shown with a big preview thumb and descriptions about the action with videos and pics that you can download follow by the previous updates. Papi updates every 10 days so youíll get to enjoy and escape into a new zone of these 1 hour + video.

I personally like the club video best. Plenty of music with guys dancing and shaking their ass too while clothes starts coming off and youíre in for some hardcore orgy. The pool party video is very good too, offering many cute studs pulling out their cock and jumping into pool, kissing and fucking. Asides from the video and pics Papi members will find a forum where guys can hook up, talk about a good gay clubs or even offer themselves to be in the next Papi party!

Member of Papi also gets access to two bonus sites; Boys First Time and Tranny Surprise. So if youíre into hardcore gay orgy, splashing pool parties, and throbbing music of club dance then stop by Papi and prepare to escape you daily life!

Full Papi videos and pictures!

Papi\'s penis parties

Papi videos are some of my favorite out of all the recent new and popular sites, simply because they cover the club scene so thoroughly and naughtily, and find some of the hottest babes you could imagine through the hippest and most happening gay night life spots on the planet.

This site is one of the must experience types, so I thought appropriate to share with you a couple free pictures from one of the new parties in which we received a couple movies featuring such great entertainment as these two babes whom went to the club for a pickup and lay and found themselves seduced by each other and the fantasy of the camera... getting crazy and wild and anal on the bed of a hotel in a post-party papi fucking bonanza. Lawd Mercy this is hot stuff guys, you really need to check out papi videos if you have any sort of real sex drive in you, it's one membership I don't think I could give up EVER, maybe that makes it an addiction?! Anyhow, I can't write with any sort of context, I'm freaking hard as hell and going to go get the new videos from the member's section, I have no clue if I'm making any sense, but I need to go unleash the beast, so I'll let you try and make sense of this shit and perhaps I'll cum (ahaha I'm funny pun master with big erection) back later and make necessary corrections (don't count it ;) )

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Papi palace

I was browsing around and came up upon this update and I said to myself, wow this is another crazy party that I need to share with them. The scenery and ambience is just amazing, and not only will you see tons of great hot babes naked and fucking everywhere, like some kind of nudist colony where everymeal and drink is laced with a potentially lethal lacing of viagra! Youíre going to love the hot gay orgy action available down at, that you canít afford miss out on if you have any sort of libido and lust for hot group sex action.

For all the curren papi fans out there, youíre in for a big treat yet again, another wild and super hot orgy, and you know damn well that no one throws a great party like Papi does by now I'm sure. The full length video is jam packed with only some of the hunkiest guys around, and intense action, that you canít hold back on getting a hard on. The action heated up by the pool so hot, the water started to boil and bubble over and the party had to be taken inside continue on.

I crave a big orgy party like this once in awhile, and I know damn well now that if I go straight to my membership, I will, in a bried summary, be entertained, drained and erection maintained like no other site in this genre could fulfill at the level that this one does!

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Papi Video

Now we are taken to a house party full of many sexy men in sight, and we met two men that fall in love with each other and decide to take it up to the rooms. Needless to say this Papi Video has tons of action you wonít want to miss. Watch as they suck and fuck each other off in the bath tub to the bedroom! See the full video shown in 4 parts so you can choose which action scene you want and they are available for you to download or stream them at your connection speed. Donít forget to swing by their forums just incase you might see a guy there that you like so you can end up in the next Papi party! Your membership including 2 other great bonus sites are well worth it.

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Papi Pics

More parties exclusively from Papi as these boys parties to no ends and I got some Papi Pics here of them in the biggest gay orgy party site on the web! So if youíre looking for that crazy gay parties that includes orgy, tons of dancing and drinking and of course, hot men having hot sex. Members of Papi will get access to over 15 orgy party videos of a good quality each over an hour long! There are also plenty of pics included for you to browse so if gay orgy and party fans donít wait up to join party join Papi and FIND out where the next party is and when it will be. Donít forget members will also get access to their other 2 amazing bonus sites!

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Papi Pictures

Wow that has to be the biggest cock sliding in and out of that tight ass and he seems to be enjoying every minute of it too. This time weíre near the pool cooling off in this episode of Papi. Check out some of these Papi Pictures and see what you can guess the ending of this gay orgy party would be? Head over to Papi and get all the videos and photos that are high quality for members to download. Also, Papi member gets 2 bonus sites called Boys First Time and Tranny Surprise if youíre decided to take a little break out of this party and join in for some gay boyís action.

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Papi Movie

The lifestyle of Papi has got to be the most fun youíll ever get to experience. Watch the Papi Movie of these hot studs in action at night clubs, Las Vegas Hotels, cruise boats and a whole lot more of contents to blow your mind off. So if you enjoy the gay orgy and life style then you need to check out Papi as they offer members with tons of crystal clear videos and photo of celebrations with tons of guys dancing, fucking and sucking, drinking and stripping and many other bonuses and crazy funs at Papi.

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