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Next Door Male is packed with straight amateur hunk that are gorgeous and being first time on the camera. All models are exclusive to NextDoorMale with tons of exclusive high quality contents such as pictures and videos that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. These models are amateur and it’s normally their first time whacking off in front of the camera for you. Gay amateur fans will enjoy drooling at the hot and sexy model of NextDoorMale or perhaps even fantasize about all these straight men.

The site is pretty well layout and you’ll notice all the latest model on the main page. Each model comes with their own exclusive photo and videos available for members to download. Members will have access to all the clear high quality digital images and videos. The movies are really great, you get to see a lot of the personality of the model as you watch their daily lives from sports to taking a shower, but all of them have the same thing in common and that is to get all that juice out of their balls! Members will get access to all the full length movies.

All in all, NextDoorMale is a really good site and most of the model you’ll find here are very hot. They are all exclusive and members will also get all the exclusive pictures and videos that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. Other bonuses member will find is the DVD store and your membership to two other great sites such as Next Door Hookups and Next Door Buddies, where straight men experience their gay fantasies on film.

Full Next Door Male videos and pictures!

Next Door Pass Special!

I received a newsletter from Next Door Male this week and they surprised me. Such hot models they have. They have now a site which allows you to pay one time and get access to all their sites which are:

Mason Wyler
Cody Cummings
Tommy D & Friends
Next Door Male
Next Door Buddies
Next Door Hookups
Male Nude Dancers
Stroke That Dick

You are probably wondering... How much is that going to cost me? Well I've got a good news for you, only $9.95 for a 3-day trial and the monthly membership is $0.77 a day! You understand now why I was surprised?

I hope you guys like the pictures!

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Next Door Male - Kent

Wow, it's rare to see someone like Kent in a shoot. At the age of only 20, this guy has almost everything just about ANYone has ever dreamed off. The looks, the body, the personality, and the sex. When you see his masculine body, you'll know right away just how often he had work out and continues to keep it like that. Kent has been eating healthy too, he's doing a lot of discipline on himself and he's almost a perfect 10 on every department. Apparently, he is going to university and working on becoming a pharmacist.

Well Kent, hope to see you in action real soon cause I can't wait!

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Next Door Male - Kyle

Next Door Male recently introduced this hot 24 years old life guard on the loose! From the southern beach of California, if you ever see this hot hunk wearing his red trunk, wave to him! Perhaps you could pretend to drown so he could rescue you!

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Next Door Male - Tyler

If you're a huge fan of Next Door Male like I am, you'll remember the hot hunk from a few weeks ago name Tyler, he's 25 and he's back as better than ever.

He gets his work out done before this shoot, so he's ripped from top to bottom... yum! During the shoot he gets all worked up on looking at porn magazine and we see his cock getting all hard!

Tyler leaves to the bedroom where he lays down stroking his hard cock while putting his finger up his asshole. Then rolls over and strokes himself to a very satisfying, creamy orgasm, covering his hands and cock with his thick man-milk.

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Next Door Male Pics

As much as you’ll love watching full length videos and movies of these studs in action you’re going to want to see their high quality exclusive Next Door Male Pics that members will be able to view and download. You will see that the pictures are a lot bigger and in a better quality than this one and are viewable in full screen so you can have a nice slideshow going in your room. I was having a bit of distraction with some of the models because they are so fucking hot! But I’m sure I’m not the only one that is thinking that, go join NextDoorMale and see for yourself of how many gay amateur fans will be surprise at the interesting things you will see at NextDoorMale.

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Next Door Male Video

Next Door Male Video are all exclusive and are shown in a high quality files with a great sound. Members will be able to stream and download the full length featuring your favorite NextDoorMale model. The guys will basically strip down for you, talk to you a little bit and then finally lay down on the couch or bed and let loose an enormous amount of cum on their bed or chest. If you love these pictures you’re going to want to see the videos and I guarantee you that you will love it just as much as I do. They’re all hot, sexy, great body and great personality. The video is a lot of fun to watch and members will have access to everything including two bonus sites that is included with the membership of NextDoorMale so fans of gay amateur will definitely be happy.

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Next Door Male Pictures

Sometimes you just need to take a break at all the hardcore things you’ve seen on the internet and just focus on the attention of the models at Next Door Male. I love watching these guys unwinds, strips down, and relaxes their beautiful body before working their favorite part while rubbing their balls into a climax that explode all over the place. Next Door Male pictures are great, they’re exclusive and comes in a high quality for members you view as a slideshow right on their website, although I find it pretty cool some may find it awesome, others may just love viewing it while stroking their cock as well. This site is dedicate to all the lovely ladies and the gay amateur fans out there that loves to watch these hot hunk in a solo scenes, you’ll definitely have to check out the site to see more of their amazing models.

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Next Door Male Movie

These are some of the hot model you’ll find at Next Door Male. They come in all sizes and shape but all of them are amazingly hot. Members will get to see the full-length Next Door Male Movie. Each of these model have their own introductory videos where they talk about themselves and normally relax on the couch before whacking it or taking a shower before shooting a huge load all over the bed. Each movie is about 10 to 15 minutes each. NextDoorMale also offers fans of gay amateur male model a DVD store where you can own more movies featuring some of your favorite model and watch them at home in your TV. Check out more of NextDoorMale and you’ll be surprise at how good of a deal the site is.

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