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Jake Cruise is probably the only older man out there that has plenty of super hot fucking models on his website. Thereís plenty of sucking, stroking and fucking and a lot of time Jake also gets into these action! Jake Cruise has a really good taste for choosing these amateur men as we see his personality throughout videos after videos. He keeps himself extremely busy and delivers us with over 200 video!

This site is a lot of fun asides from seeing models stroking their hard cock, sucking each other off, and fucking. Jake Cruise gets really close to their model, sometimes, close enough to stroke and suck all sorts of hotties on camera and sometimes he just watch while these amateur model suck and fuck each others off. Itís all in there!

When you visit Jake Cruise site, youíll see many hot guys in thumb size and the only different between member and guest is that only members can click to see the actual content. The navigation of this site is really simple and each model has a good specific description written by Jake himself.

Overall, Jake Cruise has a lot of fun to offer you. The site is user friendly and easy to navigate around. The amateur models are extremely sexy and horny. The videos are fun to watch because not only youíll cum in your pants but Jake will also make you laugh with his incredible sense of humor. Be sure to check out Jake Cruise if you like seeing a mature man and young amateur model engaging in gay oral, gay anal, and definitely having a great time together!

Full Jake Cruise videos and pictures!

Jake Cruise - Jack

I've been going on Jack Cruise regularly lately and there has been a lot of scenes which I go crazy about. I wish I could write about all of them but unfortunately I can't. Since it has been a while since my last Jake Cruise update, I decided to post one scene which makes me very horny at the moment. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and if you'd like to get the Jack Cruise videos, get on Jack Cruise site!

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Jake Cruise - Shawn Hunter and Jake

Shawn Hunterís back from New Orleans and I get to give him the full service treatment, starting with his oh-so-erect nipples and moving on to other equally erect parts. Shawn is very obliging as I examine and explore every body part with my tongue and lips, from his fat cock to his tight butt hole, from his arm pits to his rock-solid abs. (I really think you could use these as a washboard!) One of the very special highlights is when Shawn fucks my face, his tight, round ass bobbing up and down. All the play pays off as Shawn unleashes streams of cum which I obligingly clean up.

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Jake Cruise - Jake Wolfe solo

Jake is a fun, happy-go-lucky guy with a great smile and some cool tattoos. He has a lean, athletic build and best of all, heís hairy. Jake has a big thick tool with an interesting curve at the head, which must make for some unusual sensations while fucking. Here itís a solo j. o. show Jake puts on, and youíll see him really work that baby over. So much so, that when he cums, it looks like he shoots about a quart of milk all over his taut belly. No wonder he seems so happy.

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Jake Cruise - Kyle, Reese, and Robbie

They say that youth must be served, and these two young guys do their best servicing each other. There's lots of kissing, lots of sucking and lots of ass-play. After all the foreplay, Kyle's only too happy to let Robbie inside him. And Robbie's really happy when Kyle mounts his hard-on and starts bobbing up and down. Thanks to Robbie's relentless pounding, Kyle shoots a man-sized load with Robbie still inside him. Kyle returns the favor, using his magic fingers and tongue to inspire Robbie's own cum fest. Oh, to be young again!

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Jake Cruise - Bo Dean

Boís a construction worker, but itís a good bet heís never built anything quite as spectacular as his body. Damn, heís hot! Plus, heís got a beautiful cock (weíre talking dildo model quality) and a smile that could melt an iceberg. Bo has a sexy way of playing to the camera, and his tattooed arms give him a bit of a ďbad boyĒ edge. Like James Dean before him, Bo has star quality. Keep an eye out for this guy!

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Jake Cruise - Scott Johnson

Meet the aspiring rocker Scott at as he demonstrates his skills at playing the skin flute. Scott has quite a flute, it's thick, long, and extremly erected and continues to stay erected even after he came! We're not sure what Scott's other musical talents are like, but based on what he shows us here, he definitely has a future as a solo artist. Check out more of Scott Johnson at Jake Cruise!

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Jake Cruise - Zeb Atlas

You'll be damn thrilled when Jake says that his movies aren't the same us others. Well, this pretty much sums it up because at Jake Cruise comes Zeb Atlas, the muscle god and many people's idol. This time he's getting full service by Jake himself. Speaking of services, do you know how many hot stud did Jake went through? Well, just take a look at Zeb Atlas and you'll get the idea.

Going through his members area has already made some people like me finish jerking off my hard cock in the first pages. Anyways, Zeb flexes his way in front of the camera and you can just tell from the look of Jake's faces how amazed he is. Did I say he is one lucky guy?

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Jake Cruise - Romario Solo

He may not be as famous as "Joe The Plumber" from the Presidential campaign, but Romario the Plumber is a helluva lot better looking. The near perfect body, the charming accent and a gorgeous uncut cock are all the materials needed for one sizzling solo scene. Romario shows off his muscles in an extended posing sequence, then he starts working his cock, getting it as hard as the rest of his physique. The phrase "cum shot" takes on a whole new meaning as Romario shoots his load right on the camera lens. A little more of this action, and Romario is going to give Joe a run for his money as the country's most famous plumber!

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Jake Cruise - David Taylor and Jake

Wow, this guy is amazing, he's tall, dark, and hansome! He fits every description that a guy and girl wants. Just check out what Jake has to say about this hunk! "He's tall, he's confident and he's got an athletic build that's bigger than a swimmer, but not quite a gym rat - and man, is he a good kisser! Did I mention cute, funny and hung? Oh yeah, and he's a great cock sucker. David Taylor is the very model of a perfect porn star. Needless to say, it's a personal thrill when David fucks me, bareback! Like all things sex-related, David's good at it ó real good. So good he helps me shoot in his words, "a big fat load." I can hardly wait for a rematch."

Watching this vid made me creamed all over my keyboards.. this is just one damn must keep video.

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Jake Cruise - Joe Thomas

Lucky Jake gets his hand on this hot next door hottie Joe Thomas, who has absolutely gorgeous body cutting from top to bottom. Oh my!

After his strong solo performance, he returns back to Jake and this time it was for some action. I was thrilled to see Joe Thomas back again and was even hard to see Jake trying to deepthroat his monster cock! It's just too huge but that isn't the only problem for Jake himself because he managed to have a good time playing with that massive tools ;)

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Jake Cruise - Leo Giamani Get\'s A Massage!

This week at Jake Cruise, this strong italian hunk get's an oily massage from Jake himself!

Leo is the strong, silent type, so when he first laid down for his massage, he was very quiet. Even when Jake began to explore his hairy butt hole, his cock and his balls, he didn't offer any feedback. Then Jake turned him over, and saw the massive monster that is Leo's cock. Eventually Jake went down on that big tool, and Leo helps out by pushing my head harder and deeper. It looks like the secret to getting a rise out of Leo is to treat his "big guy" right. And that's just what I proceeded to do...

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Jake Cruise - Frank

The mid west wrestler gets to fill up Jake's hole and he is by far, another lucky guy, another day. Man, do I love Jake Cruise video - Hot ass teens with yet, buff ass body.

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Jake Cruise - Ladislav

Czech hunk Ladislav is just as rock-hard as he was on my last visit to Prague. I watch his irresistibly round ass as he straddles e and slips my cock into his tight butt hole. As I fuck him he covers my chest with kisses until I cum. I stroke his hot body while he jacks off to a hot orgasm, coating his six-pack with cum. Iím more than happy to help clean this stud up in the shower!

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Jake Cruise - Karel

Jake Cruise is believed to be one of the luckiest guy in the porn industry because he gets his hand on the hottest stud all over the world and believe me, when I say he's lucky, he doesn't just watch them pose but he gets in on the action too!

This one goes out to all the hot european lovers (me too) Karel Roc is one ripped, handsome stud with tight abs, round ass, and a huge massive cock!

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Jake Cruise - Avi

There is no doubt about how perfect this guy is at first glance. There are some models that look good when the cloths comes off and some that look almost perfect when he's wearing cloths. Avi is one of those guys that cannot hide his body under cloths, on or off, this guy is just perfect!

Those hard pecs, big arms, and tight abs should be shown off at every opportunity. Avi is happy to show off that gorgeous upper body and a little more, too. He starts pumping away at his heavy 9-inch rod until he canít hold back!

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Jake Cruise - Derek

Introducing Derek, another hottie hitting the massage table face first. Heís cut and heís athletic, and surely we all wouldnít want to miss out on his round ass.

His cock is absolutely perfect Ė 7Ē and beautiful! Full of personality, Derek is expressive and emotional. He smiles, laughs and occasionally casts a sexy boyish grin that made us weak in the knees.

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Jake Cruise Pictures

Oh wow, this has to be some of the hottest Jake Cruise Pictures around. Have you ever imagine a hot stud with a perfect body sucking and fucking a guy twice his age? Well look no more because once you see this youíre going to want to see the full JakeCruise video. There is a lot of blowing and gay anal action as you watch one of the luckiest old man getting to fuck with the hottest model on the web! Fans of gay mature as well as others will definitely enjoy JakeCruise. Members will get over 104 high quality photo galleries and a whole lot of content with many updates currently being added weekly to keep your entire life happy.

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Jake Cruise Video

I donít know what it is whether I love Jake Cruise, his frigginí hot model, or love to watch him get into actions with his lovely model but Jake Cruise Video is definitely one of the best video out there in web. Jake will make you smile, laugh, and of course, cum with his hilarious personality. I love this video! Another hot chocolate covered stud with a muscular body and he is frigginí ripped to the max! hey now Ė you know I have a thing for guys with muscular built body, and Jake makes him feel welcome and relax as he blows him off into a creamy orgasm. Donít they look like a lovely couple? You donít need to be a fan of gay mature to check out JakeCruise because he offers all viewer some of the best contents on the web so check out more Jake Cruise Video at JakeCruise and many more of these hot studs!

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Jake Cruise Pics

Another hot day and hot scene in the pool with JakeCruise! Check out the exclusive Jake Cruise Pics and they are steaming hot! Watch Jake join in on the fun in this hot day at the pool with plenty of sucking actions that will definitely turn you on and wait, as the scene gets hotter and hotter the action is moved to the bedroom for some gay anal action. I admire Jake Cruise because he gets to play with some of the hottest guys on the web and you can join him as he offers you all the original exclusive contents that you wonít find anywhere else on the web! See Jake and the rest of his hot model at JakeCruise.

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Jake Cruise Movie

If you havenít heard of JakeCruise yet, not only a gay mature fan will enjoy his work but also many other things JakeCruise offers at his website Ė hot fucking models to be exact and hot Jake Cruise Movie that you will definitely love. Let it be a three-some orals and anal action, you will see JakeCruise in action as well! See Jake joins in on the fun with two other hot gay mature men in this action that are packed with hardcore three-some actions of sucking and fucking! Check out many more of this hot action scene at JakeCruise and be sure to bring a lot of paper towels.

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