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Extra Big Dicks features some of the amateur guys with a really big cock and there is plenty of it when you step in there. There is nothing fake here at Extra Big Dicks, they have cute and sexy amateur looking hunks that pack a secret weapon under their tight pants. So if youíre into gay big cocks then click away and youíre about to visit these anacondas in action!

This site is fairy new, and offers all exclusive guys and thereís plenty to keep your cock entertained and there are quiet an amount of gay, bi and straight boys on board to impress you. The site is bright and full of life, and there are a lot of hi resolution pictures and videos along with it. Videos are available in real media or windows media player with options depending on your internet connection. Youíll also get interview videos and vidcaps, fairy nice selections of erotica, and access to free bonus feeds from Rear Stable, Pumped Up Men, SexGaymes and many more for you to surf around.

The model on Extra Big Dick is not fake, they pack a size of 8Ē to 13Ē of pure uncut cock that each of them will pull out, lays back and stroke it until he erupts into a creamy pleasure.

Check out this impressive site, although itís fairy new itís being constantly being updated every week and youíll enjoy the videos and photo galleries in this growing large site as much as I did. Extra Big Dick could use some more videos here and there, but for now they have enough for us to add in our porn collections.

Full Extra Big Dick videos and pictures!

ExtraBigDicks - Eddie Kordova and Ken Tanner

I stumbled upon this scene of Eddie and Ken the other while I was doing my routine jerk off session (*'-') and I found quite interesting to say the least. I love big cock, everyone knows that but sometimes porn sites forget that the guys needs to be good looking as well not just have a huge cock and Extra Big Dicks understands that.

They have been around for a long time now and they keep adding new videos and photos on a regular basis which is good. A lot of sites will not do that. Anyways, enjoy the pictures!

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Extra Big Dick - Drake and Trent

I've been a fan of Extra Big Dick for years and as long as they continue to have such hot models on the site I will keep being a happy member! This week is Drake and Trent, I think I saw these guys somewhere else on the internet but I can't quite remember where... Anyways, they make a cute couple, don't you think? :)

Enjoy these pictures!

Happy new year!

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Extra Big Dicks - Ricco and Alex

I know guys, I am so late for Halloween but I thought it was a good scene so I decided to post it anyway. Ricco and Alex make a good couple and they made me smile on Halloween so I thought sharing it with you guys..


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ExtraBigDicks - Jessie Alan and Isaac Summers

Ah big cocks! I will never get enough and I'm sure you agree with me! This time it's Jessie Alan and Isaac Summers who I decided to post pictures of. This scene has been added on September 23rd, 2009 so it is pretty recent.

I like to see young boys with older guys, it's a turn on for me. I guess it's a fantasy I always had but was affraid to share. I guess now everybody knows! Let's get to the good part which is the pictures.

Extrabigdicks has been online for a long time and it continues to bring new content every week. If you're the kind of guy that likes to get a lot of his money, you'll be happy to know that Extrabigdicks comes bundled with 4 other sites.

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Extra Big Dicks - Tommy Defendi and Krist Cummings

Here is another with Krist Cummings, in this one though, Tommy Defendi's cock seems bigger than Scott Alexander but hey! I like them both :)

I never had the opportunity to have sex with someone that big. Krist Cummings seems to be either in pain or really happy in these pictures, what do you think?

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Extra Big Dicks - Scott Alexander and Krist Cummings

I was browsing through Extra Big Dicks members area and I Krist Cummings caught my eyes. I remember him from Boy Crush, which by the way, I haven't updated in the while but I'll get right on that next week!

Anyways, once I open the pictures, I could not believe how BIG that black cock is! And Krist got fucked by it, damn!

I'm jealous now...

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Extra Big Dicks - James Hamilton & Brad Benton AGAIN!

I posted pictures of James Hamilton & Brad Benton back in May and many of you sent me emails asking for more, well there it is!

I hope you enjoy the pics and if you'd like to get the video, head over to Extra Big Dicks!

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Extra Big Dicks - James Hamilton & Brad Benton

I was browsing big dick websites the other day and I came across Extra Big Dicks. I haven't been on this site for quite some time and I was surprised by what I found.

In the past, I had some problem with the guys over at Extra Big Dicks, they weren't cute enough for me. This has changed, I found many guys including James Hamilton & Brad Benton who I find quite attractive!

I've found out they have a new membership. It includes access to 5 sites, Circle Jerk Boys, Boys Gone Bad, Men Over 30 and Extra Big Dicks for $26.95 a month or $8.95 for 7 days. Click HERE to get this deal


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This dude is like your hottest fantasy and your biggest nightmare combined into one. He has the kind of cock that we all love: when it\'s soft it\'s thick and juicy and when it erects out, it\'s an 8Ē monster of pain and pleasure! You know that we\'re about to see a big fat cock.

He may not be much of a talker in the video but then again, with a cock that size, he doesn\'t have to say a word in most situations I\'m sure. The bull size balls hang heavy too and when he lies back, the head pops out of the skin and lands with a thud on his tight muscular abs well above his navel.

Take a good look at the rest of the free sample extra big dicks pictures here, and enjoy the rest of the gay big dick sex shows as Duke squeezes his meat and strokes it until he explodes beyond all orgasms captured before! Don\'t miss out on this episode of an video featuring Duke if you decide membership is in your cards!

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Cody movie at extrabigdicks

Looking at this hottie Cody from, is like looking at at a studly and hung like a horse gay athlete sex babe! Everything from top to bottom is massive, muscular, and packed solid into his hot frame!

And you might think that this would be compensation for being short changed in the meat department, but that is totally not the case! That\'s what I thought until he whipped out his 8Ē cut cock! View the sample extra big dicks pics of this new update as the camera explores his body like a landscape of the buff mass that it is, as each muscle flexes as he works that rod under a trimmed patch of dark blonde hair that covers his thick throbbing meat, you will love this episode in the extra big dicks movies area, and it is a must see if you are or thinking about becomming a member.

I love the way his cock looked, and I sure as hell love the way he handles it! He sits like a king on a throne holding his cock like a scepter while he strokes it slowly at the beginning, and speeding up into a climatic puddle of white man juices

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Extra Big Dick Video

Austin is the ordinary guy next door type that pack a surprise, just as they promise, ExtraBigDick are packed with studs that have the abnormal size cock or in other word Ė big huge cock! This solo Extra Big Dick Video of Austin shows him working out before he decides to strips down for us to give us an eye popping show of his gay big cock and he is proud to show it to us. The video is about 5 minutes long and ready for you to download or stream at the member sections. Fans of big dick will enjoy the quality of the content that ExtraBigDick offers, check out their website for more detail!

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Extra Big Dick Pictures

So youíre a fan of gay big dick and love to see studs with a huge cock plowing some tight asses? Check out this Extra Big Dick Pictures that are all exclusive in some close up of studs with a huge cock anal session. There are many more waiting for you at ExtraBigDick as the site features some of the other studs in many solo and hardcore scenes and you will get to see it in a high quality all uncensored and all exclusive up close and personal with their huge cock! So visit the number one big cock site that will give you an eye popping session of their model work out, stripping, and hardcore session that will definitely satisfy your needs.

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Extra Big Dick Pics

Youíve seen the solo video of ExtraBigDick, now see it all us these two insert their huge cock into each otherís tight ass. Weíre going to see a lot of lubes ;) These studs have nothing to hold back and itís one of the features of ExtraBigDick, they have many types of guys, some are the hot stud types some are just slim but they all have the same thing in common, huge cock! If you love this Extra Big Dick Pics and are a fan of gay big dick then youíll definitely need to check out what the site have in store for you. Aside from the high quality videos and photo, you will also get to visit to other 4 exclusive bonus gay sites including Boys Gone Bad, Circle Jerk Boys, True Twinks, and Men Over 30. ExtraBigDick is a site with one hell of a deal!

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Extra Big Dick Movie

In ExtraBigDick, you will enjoy vids after vids of guys in solo scenes stripping down to reveal an eye popping huge cock! While these are low quality version, the members of ExtraBigDick will get to see all the Extra Big Dick Movie in high quality and crystal clear sound that are about 5 to 10 minutes each. The video really have some good camera angel shoot and also zooms in on the studís huge cock. So if you enjoy watching gay big dick then youíre going to love ExtraBigDick. The site is still fairy new and offers about 20+ videos with a download and stream options of some of the hardcore sex and solo scenes that you will love. Check it out and donít say I never warn you about it!

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