Gay Hitchhiker movies and pics. Free videos and pictures to show you why this is one of the more hilarious and enjoyable high quality gay reality porn sites around at the moment and worthy of your attention my friends.

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January 27th, 2012 update by Twinkerbelle

Gay hitchhiker Pictures

Gay Hitchhiker is one of these site I keep paying just because it makes me laugh and some good masturbation sessions. That bald guy is super funny, the faces he makes, things he says are priceless. I’m sure he is fun to be around that’s for sure!

Basically this video goes like this, the guy pickup another guy, goes to his home instead of where the guy wants to go and the bald guy want to be paid in nature. That’s the concept and it is surprisingly funny.

September 26th, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

Gay hitchhiker videos

Some more great actions of Gay Hitchhiker Video as this hunk gets to pay by giving up that ass. Gay bears fan will see tons of orals, anal, and cumshot flying everywhere in the full length video available for members to download. For all those horny driving adventures that you dream of everyday can be own now with GayHitchhiker! Remember you’ll also get the bonus access to many other great reality sites so drop by and see who the next unexpected victim of Casanova is because a hardcore action just doesn’t get better than GayHitchhiker.

September 26th, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

Gay hitchhiker pics

Now the action is brought home for more cock sucking and ass rimming action of these episodes that you won’t want to miss at GayHitchhiker. Be prepare to see hours after hours of Gay Hitchhiker pics and videos to keep your whole weekend busy and enough bonuses to keep your whole month busy! All these are available to members with high quality content. So if these photos make your cock hard then you haven’t seen the rest of GayHitchhiker yet! Visit the site to see more episodes and bonuses plus a little extra in store waiting for you at the member sections!

September 24th, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

Gay hitchhiker pictures

Some of the guys you will see at Gay Hitchhiker are actually quiet attractive, and some you may find that are hot but they all share something in common after Casanova give them a lift. A full mouthloads of dick in mouth and ass! Check out this Gay Hitchhiker Pictures and if you like them you’ll find a higher quality version waiting at the members sections so you can view them as a slideshow to keep both hands free while you stroke that cock and rub your balls to the amazing episodes of GayHitchhiker. Gay bears fan will enjoy this series site of a new reality show.

September 24th, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

Gay Hitchhiker movie

Here is an episode that is recent and had everyone talking about at Gay Hitchhiker. So he didn’t know the price he had to pay for that very short trip of his to end up at the bottom giving up that lovely ass of his. You’ll just love the amazing cumshot scene that you will blow more than your load yourself! Check out the full Gay Hitchhiker Movie available for members to stream and download because this one is sure a keeper in that porn collection of yours. Some more gay bear contents to make keep those that love it happy. ;)

September 14th, 2006 update by Peter Pan

Gay Hitchhiker

gay hitchhiker You just have to enjoy the theme and entertainment that this next gay reality sex site offers! The Gay Hitchhiker videos and picture episodes are without a doubt some of the funniest, most arousing and overall just a completely well round gay porn entertainment experience! Basically the star of the show is a tough looking stud (well endowed stud by the way) that scours the streets and finds all sorts of boys down on their luck and in desperate need of a ride! Not one to let hot gay twink men have to walk miles home, he offers an offer I wish that I could and not get slapped and punched for offering. Yes our male hero will give these poor young sexy men a ride, but everything comes with a price right? That’s where I think this guy is a clever SOB, you see, a person hitchhiking most definitely doesn’t have any cash, see where I’m going with this? That’s right, they will have to do a favor, and not only that, but in order to pay for the gas and time this hot and compassionate hero has lost due to his kind nature, they will have to allowed it to be filmed and documented so that he may sell memberships at a very reasonable price to horny individuals such as us sitting on this page. One of the premier and better all around sites out there, this site will provide both laughs, explosive orgasms and tears of pure sexual bliss, so I had my beloved twinkerbelle go out and find some hot pictures and video samples for gayhitchhiker’s more recent pickups, enjoy them on the page beside, with the hot sample gay hitchhiker movies and video trailers coming as soon as our movie player is in full swing over on the content preview pages.

Full gay hitchhiker videos

September 2nd, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

gay hitchhiker pictures added

gay hitchhiker Gay hitchhiker is one of my favorite gay reality sites that I’ve always enjoy from watching their great exclusive high quality movies to looking at their great quality pictures and I am sharing them with you so you can get a taste of what the site is all about. You’ll find many not guys trying to hitchhike their ways into town but ended up either sucking or giving up that tight ass of theirs. So if this interests you then head over and sign up, log on and download their hours after hours of videos and pictures and make sure you book the rest of your days off because this is one great site you need to check out.

Enjoy the 4 gay hitchhiker picture sets that is recently added in our gay hitchhiker content page.

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