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August 13th, 2012 update by Twinkerbelle

MenOver30 – Dave Gibson

Anybody knows who Dave Gibson is? I didn’t know him until I saw the video of him fucking a toy over at MenOver30. God I wish he could be my daddy… don’t you?

June 3rd, 2010 update by Twinkerbelle

MenOver30 – Brenn Wyson and David Scott

Over the years, I’ve watch tons of porn, I can’t help it! And when you do the kind of job that I do you get to a point where you can tell when something is good or just crap. What surprises me and MenOver30 never disappointed me like many other sites have. They seems to really “get it”. Here is another update from the site that has just been released (June 3rd, 2010).


March 22nd, 2010 update by Twinkerbelle

Menover30 – Brenden Cage and Alexander Garrett

My boyfriend is out with his friends, the dog is at the vet so I decided to take some time for me and treat myself today! I went over Menover30 and I started downloading a few videos to realize a new one just came out. I like mature men and Brenden Cage and Alexander Garrett are just what I needed. I hope this will cheer you up like it did for me! Enjoy!

October 27th, 2009 update by Twinkerbelle

MenOver30 – Doug and Trey

I was browsing through MenOver30 recent updates and this one caught my eyes. I’m not sure if it is because I was feeling lonely and in need of a mature man or just because these two are really cute. While I was downloading the video, I looked at the photoset and boy! You’ll see what I mean!


May 6th, 2007 update by Twinkerbelle

Men Over 30 – Todd and Eli

This is by far one of the hottest, more passion filled scenes that I’ve ever laid eyes on over at, Todd and Eli is one of the most perfectly MATCHED couples on the planet. This is more like an observation of the total bliss because when you look at the two… you just seem to want to keep staring down at them.

Todd has always been a leader, even with this scene. He shows Eli (the rookie) how men really plays his game and this is one exhibition game we know you will watch to until the end.

October 2nd, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

John & Alexander for Men Over 30

Passion erupted from the first frame, as I started playing the men over 30 John and Alexander full length video the other night, proving that the battle between the Cuban and the Mexican hotties has begun in my deeply engrossed conscience.

Like a boxing match, the boys get down to their trunks. With the two inhaling and engulfing each other’s cock and loving every minute of the sexual sensation ambience as the camera rolled diligently capturing for the drooling onlookers like yours truly.

Their cloths came off and we see the position of 69 and shortly the rimming gay anal action begins when the cheeks are spread and stuffed with each other’s hot manly fun sticks. When two men are really into each other and feeling it, it makes for the ultimate experience as you watch the full length video at in high quality member’s resolution. If you would love to see two of the sexiest gay mature hotties around get down to business

I suggest you try out this site’s members videos and unlike other sites, the sexual pleasure starts as soon as you click on the play button! So enjoy the free men over 30 picture samples from this episode and I hope to hear back from you what you think!

October 2nd, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

Men over 30 Diego

So I was surfing around at and I came upon this beauty that can only be described as a jaw-dropping model.

He’s 6’2, 205 pounds, and every inch of the ripped, toned, body is honed to perfection; with biceps so wide, pecs so pumped and washboard abs so lean that you are not sure where to look first.

Following up those well worked calves and across the tree trunk like thighs is an anaconda of an uncut fun stick, as thick and meaty as the rest of him and no doubt, your eyes will find something to focus on finally! On my part it’s the 8 inch cock after I took a very long stare at how amazing his body is, but the rest of him got me hot and ready for the visual feast that is that snake.

If you’re a member at be sure to grab the full length men over 30 video of this hot hunk ASAP because it’s a sight to behold and cherish when you watch him go from full clothed to being covered in cum. So check out the sample free menover30 Diego pictures on our content preview page below, and head over to the site if you find you just need the full movies featuring this hot and ripped stud muffin!

September 26th, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

Men over 30 videos

He just looks like an ordinary everyday businessman that you see but what happens when he gets home and find out that he is alone? You’re going to love Men Over 30 Video and experience these older men in action as they can still going strong milking their cock on the bed or even in the shower. Members will get a great deal of exclusive videos, galleries and these model interviews and many other bonuses and fans of gay mature will definitely be impress with the site just as much as I did. Follow their cameras into their private offices to see more!

September 26th, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

Men over 30 movies

Some of the stuff you will see at MenOver30 really pumped up the sexual drive off these mature folks. If you like the pictures you’ll love Men Over 30 Movie, very clear video of these solo daddy type stripping down and stroking their cock and a lot of close up to see their cock whether it is on the chair or in the shower. Most of the movie are solo action so you’ll only see them stroking their thick cock and they definitely make you cum the same time they cum. Fans of gay mature will love the great exclusive high quality contents that MenOver30 offers to members with many other bonuses you can choose from to keep that weekend of yours busy.

September 26th, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

Men over 30 pictures

Now that is one juicy goo mess all over the bed! Here are some more Men Over 30 Pictures and if you like them then you should check out the site that offers members over 25,000 high quality exclusive Men Over 30 photos. If you like gay mature you will enjoy tons and tons of exclusive videos, galleries, model interview, ECT. It’s the new hype where you actually save money with everything you need for one site, then they throw in 4 more other sites where you can enjoy a different scenery even if you’re a member of MenOver30 you still can download and enjoy the bonus sites absolutely free! Be sure to visit their site and check it out.

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