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February 26th, 2012 update by Twinkerbelle

Circle Jerk Boys – Jimmy Fanz & Gavin Waters

I swear, Circle Jerk Boys is getting better and better! I haven’t seen any of them before so I was quite intrigued when I opened up the photo set which was sent to me in order to review this scene (full disclosure). The quality of the pictures are superbe! The boys are hot as well so I guess it was kinda easy to make them look awesome.

Enjoy the pictures guys!

February 1st, 2012 update by Twinkerbelle

Circle Jerk Boys Pictures

Today I decided to do something different, instead of choosing a video that I watch times and times again, I decided to close my eyes and roll a dice. I ended up with this picture set from Circle Jerk Boys. My first thought was, okay this might be good after all. After watching the first few minutes, I couldn’t help it. I unzipped my pants and you know what happened next ;)

Let me know if it had the same effect on you!

August 25th, 2009 update by Twinkerbelle

Circle Jerk Boys – Matéo Grande, Johnny Vino and Marcus Guitaro

Interesting update on Circle Jerk Boys this week. I haven’t been watching a lot of threesome lately but I have to say, these 3 guys were great together.

I would’ve liked if they had fucked each other, although they haven’t, it didn’t ruin the scene at all. I’m giving it a 4/5, enjoy the pics!

August 17th, 2009 update by Twinkerbelle

Circle Jerk Boys – Noah River and Dallas Reeves

I’ve seen these guys somewhere, I know I did but I don’t recall where… No wonder they came up on Circle Jerk Boys, they always gets the hot guys.


May 6th, 2007 update by Twinkerbelle

Circle Jerk Boys – Aiden and Apollo

Today is a good day so I’ve decided that we all should get something extra special and that is why I’m putting up two special brand new episodes from CJB and MO30. I sure hope you enjoy them just as much as I did. The extra juicy and delicious Aiden has matched up with Apollo. Two young and hot studs that makes everyone melt down just by one look. Circle Jerk Boys has always tease us with many hot young studs, but surely this one will catches your attention.

Apollo was definitely in the spirit of the season of giving as he was giving that long wet tongue of his deep into Aiden’s mouth. Apparently years of opening bras with one hand had Apollo in good practice as was able to single handedly undo Aiden’s belt, reach inside those tight white briefs and haul out Aiden’s fat 8” cock, already poking well above his navel and drooling juice down that tight belly. Before long, without breaking a lip lock as tight as we have ever seen, Apollo rolls over onto op Aiden, that magnificent ass and bull balls looking so perfect, so delectable; they are begging for your tongue as he and Aiden grind their cocks together with such friction, we’re surprised they didn’t start a fire.

What the stories tells you cannot even match the experience from watching the full video. So hurry on and start your own fire!

October 4th, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

Circle Jerk Boys Miguel

You’re going to be thrilled and horny as hell when you see Miguel’s debut at Every glance of this hottie seems so powerful and provocative like a sexual god that he is. His long braids may seem out of place but it doesn’t stop him from unleashing the sexual power he has within him and it’s hidden right behind that pair black shorts of his

Just by looking at the pictures will be enough to know how well he can turn you on and wait until you see the full length uncensored circle jerk boys video version from this hottie that shows him slowly stripping down to his shorts as he rubs his nipples until he couldn’t hold back any longer to reveal his heavy and thick 7.5” curved dick that he can hump away, giving his imaginary girlfriend a ride of their life and believe me you’re going to want and have to get in line to see the rest of his amazing episodes over in the circle jerk boys movie content section

September 26th, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

Circle Jerk Boys movies

Oh my god! Hunk alert! Talk about sexiness on my radar here, check out this hot stud exclusively from CircleJerkBoys. What I love the most about the site is their Circle Jerk Boys Movie. It’s original and it’s in a good quality and I could download the full length in no time. So if you’re tired and looking for something new and like to see different faces of the hunk stripping off for you and jerking their rod until they release their big orgasm then CircleJerkBoys is a place to be. It has some of the most amazing guys and scenes that these boys features in and believe me, your membership doesn’t just end here but also included with that is access to other bonus sites!

September 24th, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

Circle jerk Boys pictures

Here is some Circle Jerk Boys Pictures to tease you guys with. Do you love that positions? Wait till he turn around to show you that weapon he’s carrying, it’s huge! And if you want to see what he does with it then you’ll need to hit the member sections to see it for yourself. Over all I love the site, straight guys that are hunky who loves gay masturbation and releasing their massive juicy goo for you to view. The site is very good deal and not only you’ll be enjoying the high quality contents but also the other bonuses that they offer to members, trust me, you’ll be happy you did join.

September 24th, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

Circle Jerk Boys video

You may not see any hardcore gay anal scenes in CircleJerkBoys but you’ll definitely see hot and hard body hunk stroking their rock hard cock for you! The boys are usually college age type and they are horny as hell but the most important part is that they will make you horny as hell too! If you’re into watching a good circle jerk boys video of gay masturbation then this is definitely a site for you as you’ll be seeing all the hot type here stroking their meat and leaving you a sample of their hot load. It actually made my dick so hard and I love the cumshot scene a lot. Check it out for yourself and remember that you will get a free access to other great sites featuring hardcore and other gay reality sites when you’ve become a member of CircleJerkBoys.

September 3rd, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

circle jerk boys pictures added

circle jerk boys Sometimes you just need a little dose of the hot solo straight models performing gay masturbation in front of your computer screen. Well I’ve got just a thing for you and this week’s update at circle jerk boys will blow more than what is left in your balls and your cock will be thanking you for that. Check out the pics of the hot model whacking off for you and if you like them, then you’re going to love what circle jerk boys offers to members: tons of great quality pictures and movies that you can download in their member section! If you’re still unsure then come back soon to check out the videos that I will be putting up shortly and those that are already a member of the circle jerk boys will definitely need to check out the weekly updates.

Enjoy the free 4 samples of circle jerk boys pictures that we’ve just added recently at our circlejerkboys content page.

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