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April 4th, 2009 update by Twinkerbelle

Randy Blue – Pierce Daniels

This guy is a stud, wow. Not only his style and charming smiles can turn many heads but damn.. look at all those body arts! Pierce has this thick body and perfect cock that we just want to grab it and lick it before deep throating it. This is what I called a good friggin’ shoot and Randy Blue Pictures of Pierce Daniels can prove it to ya, if you’re ever bored of pictures and need to see him in action whacking off his hard cock? Then join and download the full length Randy Blue Videos of Pierce Daniels!

March 1st, 2009 update by Twinkerbelle

Randy Blue – Cody and Kyle

Prepare for some hotties alert! Cause there are two coming right at ya! Here are some Randy Blue free pictures for you guys to drool over – Cody and Kyle features in a softcore take where they begin the shoot with some hot rubbing and kissing and sucking and jerking. Two hot guys with perfect body just makes my day a little lighter, definitely.

To me, Cody and Kyle match the description of a perfect couple. You would see these guys walking down the street together and you automatically knows that they’re a couple! The girls probably get jealous but hey, hot guys need other hot guys if you know what I mean. We understand each other! Check out the free sample randy blue videos over at!

November 12th, 2008 update by Twinkerbelle

Randy Blue – Brandon James With Toys

Since I haven’t done an update on for awhile now doesn’t mean I forgot about one of my favorite sites of all time ;) To get back to it, I got this hot.. actually, he is pretty damn fucking sexy. Brandon James, huge, muscular hunk with some nice tattoos all over his body. Normally guys will just have a few meaningless tattoos here and there but this guy? Oh my god, look at that huge cobra on his back! It’s just so worth it to be looking at every part of his body.. staring into every details of his tatts. Goddamn he’s smokin hot and let’s not forget his charming innocent smiles ;)

So Brandon starts off posing on the bed until he picks up some toys to start penetrating his asshole. It’s just too damn sexy and horny to see his face when he starts getting his orgasm. Mmmm I’d love to lick all that gooey cum all over his hard abs any day!

February 4th, 2008 update by Twinkerbelle

Randy Blue – Brent and Cody

Wow, that is some thick body Brent has.. talk about 24/7 in the gym and eatin like a mofo. You’ll be surprise to know that Brent has never fuck a guy before and KNOWING that this is his first Randy Blue video ever.

In this video, Cody is full of energy and he won’t stop even after he shoot his hot load all over the place. I mean, if you’re up against someone like Cody, chances are you’ll sleep hella good ;) Check out the rest of Brent fucks Cody in!

January 23rd, 2008 update by Twinkerbelle

Randy Blue – David Taylor

It’s amazing to know that hot guys are from all around the world and you’d be surprise where this hot and gorgeous David Taylor came from! He certainly has a hot body and a thick cock, well that’s for sure! Those nice tattoo of art collection has certainly fit his tight body and his smile can seduce just about anyone. I’ll tell you one good thing about Taylor though, he loves to jack off and shoot his hot load all over his tight abs, why? Well, he has a lot of imagination and you can only find out more about him at!

January 12th, 2008 update by Twinkerbelle

Randy Blue – Trent Davis

Trent Davis is the type of man that every guys and gals would dream of taken home. He’s got every features from top to bottom, in a perfect 10! I mean, I’ve seen quiet a lot of features but it none of them would match Trent, especially the size of his cock! Anyways, this week at Randy Blue full length video will make just about any one happy. So go on and enjoy it!

January 1st, 2008 update by Twinkerbelle

Randy Blue – Alex and Reese Fuck Chris Rockway

The hot and sexy Chris Rockway has been on Randy Blue for quite a while and people have been asking me, when is Chris going to bottom? And really, how many of you have been dreaming of seeing Chris Rockway with a dick in his mouth and a dick in his ass! So here it is. Chris Rockway takes one for the team! It all started out innocently enough. I was talking to the guys about what the three of them wanted to do in their next video. You guys might not have realized this but Alex Eden and Reese Rideout have never done a scene together, so the possibilities were endless.

December 10th, 2007 update by Twinkerbelle

Randy Blue – Shane Foster

Shane Foster has got a few bumps and bruises from all of his activities but it adds to his sexy rugged look. He loves to jack off and does so frequently so it was nothing for him to grab his big piece of meat and go to town on it. He even started playing with his ass during the shoot, teasing you just a little. And the most striking thing about this video is the fit of giggles he gets once he starts to come. I’ve seen all kinds of reactions during a cumshot but I have never seen anyone just start laughing.

November 25th, 2007 update by Twinkerbelle

Randy Blue – Reese fucks Kyle

Reese has been working out and tanning and he’s looking better than ever. And Kyle always looks absolutely adorable. He looked so good when he came in for the live show last month and I couldn’t wait to get him back in here. On the day of the shoot Kyle and Reese couldn’t get enough of each other. I was really excited because being my fantasy I didn’t need to do a lot of directing, they were so into it that all I had to do was just sat back and watch. And they even surprised me. I was expecting a hot scene but they really raised the roof on this one.

November 18th, 2007 update by Twinkerbelle

Randy Blue – James fuck Rocky

Rocky Houston is always looking for an adventure. It seems like just yesterday he was doing his first solo and wanking his crank for the Randy Blue cameras. Since then he’s been taking each new step with excitement and enthusiasm. He jumped right into the Summer Heat Stroke circle jerk, getting really buddy buddy with Xander, Kenny and Spencer. After hanging out with Cody at a public appearance he was more than ready for him to help with his first toy experience.

And who wouldn’t want Cody to be at the helm of a hot dildo session? He’s sucked cock and gotten his cock sucked, enjoying both like he was born to do it. So when the idea of James Hawk fucking his virgin ass for the first time came up, Rocky gave me that high-spirited smile of his and simply said, “Okay, let’s go!”. You can tell just by looking at them in the first few minutes of the video that they are going to have a great time together. And what a hot scene this turned out to be. Rocky is very vocal and really gives in to the moment. He specifically didn’t do any kind of practicing to prepare because he wanted to give you the most real experience you can have. You are seeing Rocky Houston get fucked by a guy for the very first time. And James had the time of his life popping Houston’s cherry, as it were, and he showed everyone how much he enjoyed it by spewing a huge load of hot steamy jizz all over Rocky’s hot ass.

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