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November 22nd, 2012 update by Twinkerbelle

Broke Straight Boys – Dennis Trapp

Want to know why you will fall for Dennis Trapp: have you ever met a guy who described his jerk off sessions as romantic?

“Around 9 o’clock at night,” the newbie stud describes his standard “alone time” sessions. “Windows open. Cool breeze flowing throughmy room. No noise. Nice scenic kind of thing.”

The first time he played with his banana, Dennis was 14. He’s 18 now, and is in the studio for the standard reason: searching for bank notes. However, the romantic also has an adventurous side to him!Jerking for bucks is something he always wanted to do.

“Always wanted to try it out,” Dennis smirks.

Dennis is especially fond of his penis and shakes it when the camera zooms in for a closeup. Another reason you’ll groove to Dennis is because he keeps the shy fellow schtick on the down low. The clothes come off and he immediately gives his monkey a spanking.

Dennis takes his beef stick play seriously. Closed eyes, clenched face, and labored breathing. His legs and feet do the pleasure twitch. The camera lingers over his body. He still has some baby fat, but that only makes him a more tasty meal.

September 20th, 2012 update by Twinkerbelle

Broke Straight Boys – Spencer Todd and Kodi

Today’s vid is slightly experimental. Keep calm. BSB isn’t going to mimic Krzysztof Kieuc0u347 lowski’s technique (go rent his “Three Colors” trilogy). Kodi and Spencer have been ruminating how “aggressive and nasty” they are with girls. Today they offer a peek of how a lucky lass is treated if she’s fortunate enough to be a bedroom companion. Kodi will be the fortunate fellow on the receiving end (!) of Spencer’s nastiness and aggression.

September 13th, 2012 update by Twinkerbelle

Broke Straight Boys – Brandon Beal and Dennis Trapp

The week is always better when Brandon Beal returns to the BSB casting couch. He’s one of the most laid back models we have. Great attitude, always willing to put on an exceptional show, and a body deserving nothing but royal treatment.

Today he shares the couch with Dennis Trapp, a/k/a the Energizer Bunny (watch his solo vid to see why that moniker fits). Dennis might be a newbie when it comes to cameras and gay sex, but insists he’s all pro when it comes to sword swallowing.

April 3rd, 2010 update by Twinkerbelle

Broke Straight Boys – Austin and Jimmy

I couldn’t help but notice this video of Austin and Jimmy over at Broke Straight Boys because it is the video with the highest rating and believe me there are tons of people voting on Broke Straight Boys videos so it must be good somehow. So after going over this in my head, I ended up streaming the whole video and ejaculate 3 times. I am writing this post while my cock is hurting from pleasure I just gave myself.

January 31st, 2009 update by Twinkerbelle

Broke Straight Boys – Alden and Robert

Alden and Robert’s first time on Broke Straight Boys and oh my is this video thrilling! It’s always fun to watch first timer suck cock, because they act so pro and for some.. actually turns you on! Alden is a really cute twink that gets paired up with Robert and he does it really well when he grab that cock for the first time.

Well needless to say, the full length video is actually worthwhile so check out the full length video of Robert and Alden at!

December 8th, 2008 update by Twinkerbelle

Broke Straight Boys – Danny, Diesel, and Jason

Diesel and Danny came back to do more shoot in this double updates of Broke Straight Boys and this time they’re with the new kid name Jason, who is totally broke and in need of quick cash. They wanted to let Jason know that this is a relax place and didn’t want to give him such a hard time yet but in fact, in the next shoot, we’ll get to see Jason in action! Now that’s the kind of shoot that I’d like to see and be waiting for it.

This shoot is basically a sit on couch jerk off to see who cums first. Diesel gets really hard fast and he stays hard like a rock! He later on used the toys that was laying on the tables to help out the pleasure while Jason caught up with him really quick and the two seems to shoot off their massive loads at the same time! Looks like we have a draw here gentlemen.

December 8th, 2008 update by Twinkerbelle

Broke Straight Boys – Danny and Diesel

This is what you get when you put two hot straight guys together – they clicked really fast and eventually one of them ended up fucking the other one. Which is really good in this shoot, you’ll actually get to see Diesel popping out Danny’s cherry. In today’s double update, you’ll get not only Danny and Diesel, but the new kid Jason as well!

Due to the poor economy, I doubt that anyone would turn down such a good offer. As you’ll watch the video, you’ll know how much of an offer they got to fuck each other and after so much fucking, Danny blow a huge loads all over his stomach. The two did such a great film and they deserves to be coming back for more, which I gave you guys some more pictures to enjoy in this double episode from

November 19th, 2008 update by Twinkerbelle

Broke Straight Boys – Scott and Gavin

Well well, time for some gay reality scene with Broke Straight Boys, the hottest gay reality website on the the web and if you haven’t got their memberships yet.. you shouldn’t even bother thinking about it because everyone LOVES this site!

Check out Scott and Gavin, back again for some more surprises since they are broke.. and hot so of course, there is always something for them to do, lots of sucking and closing their eyes trying to grab each other cocks. These straight guys try pretty damn hard , it’s funny! :) Check it out guys!

November 16th, 2008 update by Twinkerbelle

November 2nd, 2008 update by Twinkerbelle

Broke Straight Boys – Anthony and Mike

It’s been awhile since I see Anthony in a scene since his last scene a few months ago. I’m kinda excited because Anthony has a really great personality and he could easily make people laugh! He is really a people’s person.

In this shoot, Anthony got really excited when he was told that he’d be paired up with one of the girls from and when he was told that this person “almost” looked like a girl, he got abit confused and puzzled and that’s for you to decide what will happen with Anthony lol. This video is hilarious so don’t miss out!

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