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October 10th, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

Amateur Straight Guys – Paul and Dirk fuck @

amateur straight guys amateur straight guys

Due to popular and overwhelming love for the site, another amateur straight guys picture update here boys, so hope you’re hard and those pants are already around your ankles keeping your feet warm as all the blood rushes up towards a different area of your body!

Paul and Dirk were obviously camera shy at the beginning, with one dude feeling like a fool for taking a while to get use to a new type of audience and get that little guy standing tall and proud. As things heat up and both are hard as rock, things start to get a little more heavy, and the full amateurstraightguys movie depicts one of the hottest sloppy Joe blowjobs I’ve witnessed in a while, moving into some all out and impressive hardcore action.

Enjoy the few free Paul and dirk pics, and if you’re already a member of this truly popular gays getting off getaway, make sure to get your penis on down to the videos area of for the goods!

October 4th, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

Amateur Straight Guys Spence

Amateur Straight Guys have done it again with finding a hot, fresh, and totally smoking new discovery to make our cocks explode in pleasure. Spence is that name and he is a hot stud, everything from top to bottom is as good as it gets, and best of all, this guy is as straight as he’ll ever be yet open enough to show us why the ladies and gays all love him vividly on movie. He packs a good 6� meat stick between those tree trunk legs of his, that he soon reveals on video after a long day of playing sports.

You’ll want to get the full length uncensored amateur straight guys video episodes featuring Spence whacking his meat in the shower if you have a love for hot studs with tight defined bodies, and have less then a dollar a day income dedicated to hot pleasure. What a great way to get cleaned up after a big orgasm eh? There is a lot more than the heat of shower steaming out of that washroom, this hot hunk stud moans out in big pleasure as his balls tighten up to release a massive cum storm that he shoots all over the wall, quite similar in fashion actually, to trying to urinate in that small toilet bowl with a raging erection. What a good way to end (or start!) your day!

September 22nd, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

Amateur Straight Guys axe and tyler

It’s always fun to see bad boys getting nailed and Axe is a good example for that! A skater/punk-hottie with some interesting tattoo in a gay anal action with Tyler, a super hot handsome dude that is also super horny and has never experienced this before. You just have that gut feelings that Amateur Straight Guys Axe & Tyler video is going to be good, and they delivers us with yet, another amateur banging fun with Axe and Tyler. If this sounds fun then head on over to AmateurStraighGuys to enjoy this full sizzling hot video because Axe is the type of guy that I like to keep watching!

September 22nd, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

Amateur Straight Guys paul and vince

AmateurStraightGuys continues to do what they do best to bring us two hot guys doing what they do best – jacking off and blowing each other off. See Amateur Straight Guys Paul & Vince in this gay oral video. Oh boy, they sure to have an appetite for a huge cock. Enjoy these, a good way to start the weekend as AmateurStraightGuys brings us two of their hottie together and if you enjoy these you’ll enjoy the site as well! Check out more amateur guys doing what they do best in front of the camera.

September 16th, 2006 update by Peter Pan

Amateur Straight Guys

amateur straight guys

One of my personal favorites this is one of those rare sites that you could have had access to for years and not get bored of. While this site doesn’t have all the professional corporate packaging that comes with some of the bigger names, it is an unfair assumption to think that it is not up to par with the latest and self proclaimed ‘greatest’ new gay xxx entertainment sites.

You see a site like amateurstraightguy doesn’t always get the credit it deserves, and the really fancy and nice looking new sites usually fail to deliver on the bold promises presented on the tours. If you like real, first time, and gay amateur guy-next-door type material as much as the majority of us, the huge archives of amateur straight guys and pictures found here should really be about one of the most credible and respected sources out there.

With real and down to earth guys realizing quickly on film that as is the case with lesbians, a man knows what a man enjoys, and thus the pleasure output can really push the envelope and be a lot more sexually enjoyable when you have someone on the receiving or giving end of the shift stick knowing exactly what it is that is going to make you get off in a more powerful and more enjoyable way then you had ever previously achieved.

So anyways, enough of me sticking up for the little guy more concerned with satisfaction then profit, I will let you check out some free amateurstraighguy pictures and movie clips on the cloland gay site previews page to the right, and let you see for yourself why this is one of the better sites out there, more concerned about your satisfaction rather then your credit card payments. In the infamous words of the Wal-Mart genius, “Take care of the customer, and the business will take care of itself”

A motto stays true to, and why I predict I personally will be a member until I’m old, gray, and gay and no longer able to have my little soldier stand at attention.

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September 10th, 2006 update by Twinkerbelle

amateur straight guys gallery update

amateur straight guys Sometimes you just need a little dose of gay amateurs doing what they do best – amateur sex and wait till you get a load of the free samples you will see here. Amateur straight guys is one of the top site that everyone love and joined for life, they update their site every now and then, and you’re going to be seeing a lot of updates from us as well so stay tune for more of amateur straight guys video that will be coming shortly but for now enjoy the free pictures and if you like more then head over to their site to view the full length movie that will get you hard in no time!

Enjoy the 4 amateur straight guys gallery update at our amateurstraightguys content page.

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