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You might recognize this site or be a member already; it really is sweeping across the gay entertainment scene quite quickly and becoming one of the top sites available. The long and high quality broke straight boy's video and picture episodes are incredibly entertaining, featuring some of the funniest and hottest straight to gay conversions to ever be captured!

You see, with a little cash incentive these hot and tight bodied straight studs, (whom prior to there run in with would claim absolute certainty with their heterosexual claims), are taking off there clothes, demonstrating their ball handling skills, and basically going all out into gay-hardcore.

I will have to give them credit for their hostility and hesitance in getting down and dirty, but at the same time I have to say, it is quite funny to see them break down their hostile hetero claim walls for some cash, and progress slowly from getting naked with another hot dude beside him, to riding his meat reverse cowboy like a true anal loving champion! Sorry guys, I don't think you can claim 100% straight-edge pussy lover anymore... at least I guess you could claim the devil and money persuaded you to the other side, but deep down I think all of us already here know you will be back for more ;)

Full Broke Straight Boys videos and pictures!

Broke Straight Boys - Dennis Trapp

Want to know why you will fall for Dennis Trapp: have you ever met a guy who described his jerk off sessions as romantic?

"Around 9 o'clock at night," the newbie stud describes his standard "alone time" sessions. "Windows open. Cool breeze flowing throughmy room. No noise. Nice scenic kind of thing."

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Broke Straight Boys - Brandon Beal and Dennis Trapp

The week is always better when Brandon Beal returns to the BSB casting couch. He's one of the most laid back models we have. Great attitude, always willing to put on an exceptional show, and a body deserving nothing but royal treatment.

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Broke Straight Boys - Spencer Todd and Kodi

Today's vid is slightly experimental. Keep calm. BSB isn't going to mimic Krzysztof Kieuc0u347 lowski's technique (go rent his "Three Colors" trilogy). Kodi and Spencer have been ruminating how "aggressive and nasty" they are with girls. Today they offer a peek of how a lucky lass is treated if she's fortunate enough to be a bedroom companion. Kodi will be the fortunate fellow on the receiving end (!) of Spencer's nastiness and aggression.

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Broke Straight Boys - Jamie and Aiden

Sometimes you just get hooked on a particular video, so I'm warning you, this is one of them. Even though I've probably watch this one a hundred times, I still come back to it whenever I can't find anything good to watch. It is "that" good. Broke Straight Boys haven't stopped to amazing me ever since they launched, that was years ago. I don't know how much money I've paid in membership but they are working for it that's for sure with their weekly updates, access to other sites etc. Well worth it.

Have a look at my favorite video below!

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Broke Straight Boys - Austin and Jimmy

I couldn't help but notice this video of Austin and Jimmy over at Broke Straight Boys because it is the video with the highest rating and believe me there are tons of people voting on Broke Straight Boys videos so it must be good somehow. So after going over this in my head, I ended up streaming the whole video and ejaculate 3 times. I am writing this post while my cock is hurting from pleasure I just gave myself.

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Broke Straight Boys - Dexter, Robert and Alden

I haven't posted anything of Broke Straight Boys in a while even though I'm visiting the site almost every week or so. Broke Straight Boys has been one of the few websites I've been really excited to see what will happen in the next video, it almost feels like a TV Show! Anyways, I grab one of the video I like and where one of my favorite model is in, Alden. Enjoy!

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Broke Straight Boys - Diesel and Danny

This is what you get when you put two hot straight guys together - they clicked really fast and eventually one of them ended up fucking the other one. Which is really good in this shoot, you'll actually get to see Diesel popping out Danny's cherry.

Due to the poor economy, I doubt that anyone would turn down such a good offer. As you'll watch the video, you'll know how much of an offer they got to fuck each other and after so much fucking, Danny blow a huge loads all over his stomach. The two did such a great film and they deserves to be coming back for more, which I gave you guys some more pictures to enjoy in this double episode from

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Broke Straight Boys - Diesel, Danny, and Jason

Diesel and Danny came back to do more shoot in this double updates of Broke Straight Boys and this time they're with the new kid name Jason, who is totally broke and in need of quick cash. They wanted to let Jason know that this is a relax place and didn't want to give him such a hard time yet but in fact, in the next shoot, we'll get to see Jason in action! Now that's the kind of shoot that I'd like to see and be waiting for it.

This shoot is basically a sit on couch jerk off to see who cums first. Diesel gets really hard fast and he stays hard like a rock! He later on used the toys that was laying on the tables to help out the pleasure while Jason caught up with him really quick and the two seems to shoot off their massive loads at the same time! Looks like we have a draw here gentlemen.

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Broke Straight Boys - Scott and Gavin

Well well, time for some gay reality scene with Broke Straight Boys, the hottest gay reality website on the the web and if you haven't got their memberships yet.. you shouldn't even bother thinking about it because everyone LOVES this site!

Check out Scott and Gavin, back again for some more surprises since they are broke.. and hot so of course, there is always something for them to do :) Check it out guys!

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Broke Straight Boys - Drew

Check out this hot broke straight stud Drew, the new guy at Broke Straight Boys and he's so friggin cute! Of course he's super broke and in need of cash so this hot straight guy is willing to do just about anything for money.

Playing with his dick inside his briefs he was working on getting hard. Don't get me wrong but this hottie sure packs a huge calibre under there and it just gets harder and harder as he continues to play with it. Although, it wasn't long before he unloads a massive amount of jizz all over his stomach and it's all on film to entertain all you fellaz that likes seeing straight guy's first time on film.

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Broke Straight Boys - Alden and Robert

Well, to get back to the last post - here is the scene I was talking about. Alden finds himself with Robert as things gets heated up.

Both of these guys are broke and of course, in need of a quick cash and let's not mention that Robert is 100% straight and has a girl friend. Apparently there are just too many occasions coming up that requires him to find a good job if he wants to keep his girl friend happy. Alden however, is taking his time studying in school but wanted more money to buy stuff and party.

If you haven't got this update at, you'll want to check it out. It's really worth it. ;)

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Broke Straight Boys - Alden

Alden is the new Broke Straight Boy model that will be doing a duo shoot which I've got for you guys for today's update.

Alden is very shy in front of the camera, as you can see. This will be his first ever shoot with Broke Straight Boys and he already has popular downloads. This video is basically him playing with himself before moving down to his balls and finally, stroking his hot rod as it shoots all over his abs.

If you like Amateur guys going on films, this reality site is the most popular site on the web. Check them out guys.

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Broke Straight Boys - Anthony and Mike

It's been awhile since I see Anthony in a scene since his last scene a few months ago. I'm kinda excited because Anthony has a really great personality and he could easily make people laugh! He is really a people's person.

In this shoot, Anthony got really excited when he was told that he'd be paired up with one of the girls from and when he was told that this person "almost" looked like a girl, he got abit confused and puzzled and that's for you to decide what will happen with Anthony lol. This video is hilarious so don't miss out!

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Broke Straight Boys - Alden and Robert

Alden and Robert's first time on Broke Straight Boys and oh my is this video thrilling! It's always fun to watch first timer suck cock, because they act so pro and for some.. actually turns you on! Check out the full length video of Robert and Alden at!

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Broke Straight Boys - Michael and Anthony

Anthony is very aggressive, and whipped his cock out of Michael’s ass forcing Michael to turn over on his stomach. The two were able to start fucking again in another position and they started slow at first, but that didn’t mean that Anthony was going to take it easy. Anthony pulled Michael’s hair and pulled his neck back towards him while fucking him. Michael started to make noise while he was on his back, showing that he was starting to have an orgasm. Anthony started to pick up on Michael’s ass forcing him up in the air. In this position, I could see that Anthony was trying to have Michael give himself his own facial. When Michael came the cum went everywhere on his chest, and even some in his hair. I had to give them a minute because Michael was still having an orgasm after we were through. That meant that he had a great time from the fucking.

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Broke Straight Boys Special

Today is a good day and I wanted to give you this broke straigth boys special that I find amazing! Take a look at this latest episode at;

First, we got Alan and Nikolas, aren't they great together? If you think so then you won't want to miss out and download this hot stud on film cause there is nothing but to relax your hands, prepare the video, and watch this full length video. Hell, you got two hot dudes, what else can you asked for? Let's take a look at what happen here.

Alan and Nikolas, no doubt, is completely straight. For those of you that enjoy watching straight guys doing what they do best "suck cock and lick balls" then you're in for a good scene. Alan never sucked cock before, he wanted to do a hand job scene but with just a little more cash present in his face he went "gay".

Too be honest, for a beginner, he's pretty good at it. Just take a look at the saliva that's dripping down his lips! This is sure one scene you won't want to miss out.

Next up, we got two hot young boys name Daxtor and Rabib, first off, I just can't get enough of Daxtor's cumshot. It's friggin' purely loaded! Spraying this all over Rabib's face made me shot my own! There is nothing better than relaxing on your leather chair and watching this episode.

What's better about this full-length video is that it's humorous and you'd be laughing as you watch along (besides getting your cock hard). Don't we all just want to be happy? Of course Rabib puts up a show that will make your cock explode so be SURE not to miss this one out.

Lastly, Jacob and Anthony, two of the hottest stud I've seen YET! has come a long way and they've been doing such a great job getting the hottest straight stud I've seen yet! Just put it this way, for a low price, no other sites will offer you more than what Broke Straight Boys are doing.

Jacob sure looks confused as hell in this video, that's because he NEVER sucked cock before. Thinking that his was the biggest! Watch as Anthony lay down this straight boys and spray his hot jizz all over his belly! This is something special that we all need... a good break. I hope to see these boys in more hot episodes.

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Broke Staight Boys pictures

Just as you thought they were finished making us cum over and over with their hot new boys every week, they bring in more to help convince us this is the hottest new site, hot straight stud babes doing some of the not so straight things if you catch our drift.

So he needed a little extra cash to pay for his girl friend\'s high tastes, and watch what he is willing to do to earn it. It\'s not an everyday occurance that you see a normal straight guy who likes to get his dick sucked by another straight guy but for this boy he just love every minute of it, influenced on the outside by the money, but deep down by the sexual pleasure. Both of the boys have really nice thick and juicy cocks and just looking at the pictures makes me drool already and I\'m seriously considering going to watch this full boys gone bad video episode once more. Be sure not to miss this incredibly hot shoot on that will get you excited in ways that \'ordinary\' gay porn probably couldn\'t!

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Broke Straight Boys pics

These guys are so broke that they would do ANYTHING for money, it’s amazing! Just take a look at this latest episode of broke straight boys video, this guy is fucking hot and he is so straight that it took a lot of convincing to get him to do things and the fact that he is so straight even makes this shoot so hot that you’ll won’t want to miss.

I know that some of you just join the site but you’ll want to get this hot stud on film first! There is nothing better than relaxing on your nice and comfortable chair watching gay video of hot straight boys whacking his thick juicy cock off on the couch and oh my is his cock super juicy, this lads sure has something special and I sure as hell hope to see him back for more hot episodes.

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Dexter and eric

If you ever get a membership to this site, which I know you just might very soon (yah, I'm talking to you curious straight boys reading this especially!) Don't miss the Broke Straight Boys movie featuring Dexter and Eric.

This particular episode is one of the hottest, funniest, and just all around most erection production videos I have ever witness on the dozens of site's I've ever been a member too! Eric is so shy and hostile in the beginning, I think he may have found Jesus (the gay version) and decided to become a born-again bum-darts champion about half way through when Dexter was done performing a very thorough sloppy and wet blowjob, because right after that, he was enjoying the cock like only the horniest gay or bisexual boys could!

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Chad & Fabio

These guys really got a chance to get to know each other in this new broke straight boys picture and movie episode! More importantly however, is that hot and athletic Fabio finally got a chance to know himself and his deep and basic gay instinct that he had been obviously trying to ignore for years. Chad was his chance, this guy was hot and you know that Fabio was overjoyed at the fact that he would finally get a chance to explore his desires and blame it on the temptation of the cash incentive. Maybe it's his bday, because this hot stud finally a 'taste' of the other side, and he can still maintain his insecure position of being "totally straight" because when you think about it, he was forced to do by money right? Yah right, give a rest buddy, and I hope that your other 'straight-buddies' aren't as naughty as you and are already member's of the incredibly hot gay site brokestraightboys!

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Alex and Chris

Over the top Alex and the obviously shy and confused (although totally digging this due to his bicuriousty issues) really got it on in the episode babe, for one of the most entertaining and funny broke straight boys videos to date! This is just one of those movies that you could never forget, yes, this video will forever remain in my heart, and on my hard-drive! In classic broke straight boys movie episode fashion, you have two hot dudes, both offered cash to get freaky, and the reactions of the guys as the scene progresses is just some classic entertainment. Mr. Chris is looking so shy but obviously happy, he has an excuse now, the money made him do it! Give it a break Chris, your actions speak louder then words, and the way you wore Alex's cumshot like an overjoyed schoolboy is proof positive, you've been dreaming of cash to force you into exploring your desires for quite some time! One of the most witness episodes at!

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