I've seen a lot of sites of that kind. I've watch thousands and thousands of videos of the same genre of Boy Gusher, but none of them had me excited like I did with Boy Gusher. I don't know what is their secret, might be the story, might be the models, might be the decor, who knows.

But what do we really care about? Yes, your right, we care about the guys and what we get for our money. What is better than a buck and unlimited access? Boy Gusher is a steal at $1, get your membership now while it last and if you don't like what you see, just cancel and big deal, you lost $1 but at least you know what Boy Gusher has to offer.

Full Boy Gusher videos and pictures!

BoyGusher - Shawn, Corey and Angel

In today's video, Shawn, Corey and Angel decided to have a little bit a fun together. I remember Shawn from Broke Straight Boys where he performed in some of the best video I've watched on that site. So when I saw his face in this video, I knew it was going to be a good one!

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Boy Gusher - Mike And Alex

For the first post on Boy Gusher, I decided to take one video I'm really into right now, Mike and Alex shoot (which occured last month).

You can feel the pasion between these 2 boys and boy I wish I could be in that video with them, haha!

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