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Boy Crush delivers a best twinks action you’ll find on the web. It’s one thing you’ll see once you arrived here. There are plenty of cute boys, lots of hardcore twink sex and a good quality video plus a very easy to navigate site layout. If you ever happen to fall in love with one of Boy Crush’s hottie then click away to their online forums to chat and possibly even with their models!

Boy Crush is packed with hot boys and you won’t find the majority of these boys anywhere else. These hot twinks does it all, you know the instant these boys show up to the studio they’re given only one mission, and that is to fuck, fuck and fuck. Most model on the site has their solo intro video and along with at least one hardcore vids. I just like seeing hot guys in solo, but I love seeing them fuck! My personal favourite is Damien Hart, smooth slender body and always fresh and horny and ready for you!

Upon subscribing to Boy Crush there are many high quality videos and photo galleries section and also a section called Boy Bios which is a model index listing all Boy Crush models. In the forum sections members can request a videos and get answers from the site owners.

Boy Crush is definitely worth a visit. If you like hardcore twink action site with tons of exclusive videos and not to mention you’ll never find any of these contents on the web. So sit back, unzip and get ready for some hardcore actions!

Full Boy Crush videos and pictures!

Boy Crush - Nathan Clark & Kyler Ash

Nathan Clark says he owes his gorgeous body (especially that ass!) to the hours and hours of dance he does every day.

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Boy Crush - Andrew Austen

Twenty year old Andrew Austen and his delicious ass come to us from Dallas!

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Boy Crush - Jamison Harper

I figured that while I was on Boy Crush, I should post at least two since it's been a while. It was very hard to choose one video in particular since they are so many that would be worth posting.

I went with Jamison Harper because he reminds me of my first boyfriend back when I was in High School. The bad boy look, soft skin and nice cock is exactly what Jamison Harper is.

I hope you enjoy these pics!

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Boy Crush - Brett Starr

Isn't he adorable? I'm a Boy Crush fan, and seeing Brett Starr on there, is no surprise to me. He is the kind of twink you'd expect to see on a site like Boy Crush. I'm into many kind of guys, but seeing a cute boy like Brett always makes me smile!

There are a lot of pictures and a video (or maybe more by the time you read this) of Brett Starr on Boy Crush although I cannot post all of them, here are a few that I found to be just great!

With two (2) updates per week on Boy Crush, I can't cover all of them so if you're into twinks and you like Brett Starr, you'll fall in love what Boy Crush has to offer.


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Boy Crush - Jeremy and Tristan

Jeremy and Tristan have some fun on the sofa in this steamy video. They start by sucking each other off before getting down and dirty with Jeremy giving Tristan the ride of his life.

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Boy Crush - Tristan\'s Shower

After a long day of work, Tristan takes a hot and soapy shower. After getting clean, he finishes off with a steamy jack-off session.

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Boy Crush - Passionate Threeway

It just doesn't get any more passionate than watching this full length boy crush video! For those that love and got fetish for twinks, you'll enjoy every minute of this sizzling hot videos and Boy Crush has got to be the place where they ONLY pick the hottest unspoiled twinks and let them suck and fuck each other in front of the camera. Sometimes you just need a break from all those muscular guys and watch the real beauty at

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Boy Crush - Tristan by the pool

Tristan returns again and this time by the pool. This cutie is hot and adorable.. he's got that boyish looks that everyone just wanted to tear his cloths apart and fuck him up the ass. That's what I would do :) Anyways check out what Tristan is up to by the pool and more of hot and hardcore twink action at Boy Crush!

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Boy Crush - Tyson takes Caden for a ride!

Do you remember our last post on Caden Boyd's solo jerk off video? Well, more like an interview before showing how big his cock is before whacking it before unloading his huge loads all over his abs. Anyways... I'm jealous at Tyson for being paired up with Caden. You know the first model to come in right? They tend to be so tight! Almost like a virgin!

Caden and Tyson take it to the next level in this steamy video. After lots of sucking and fingering action, Caden hops on Tyson's big cock for the ride of his life! This video is yet better than what it seems so those that are excited about twink on twink action with no bullshit ugly models should turn onto ;)

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Boy Crush - Caden\'s Interview

Caden Boyd is one hot guy and if anyone else has a fetish for twinks then you should turn to

Caden is 20 years old and he recently appears at Boy Crush which he say that he'll never forget the first time he visited them.

Caden loves to be in front of the camera, he is just good on and off. He was a rookie porn star who acted like a pro. In this video - Caden sits down with Bryan (The owner of BoyCrush) and answers all the questions thrown his way with poise and a great boyish charm that is sure to make him a BoyCrush favorite. He finishes by shooting a great big load you're sure to love!

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Boy Crush Hardcore

Twinks alert! Yes, more delicious gay twinks waiting for you at BoyCrush. I’ve put up more Boy Crush Hardcore galleries for you but the fun starts the instant you arrive at their website ;) These absolutely hot and cute boys continues their rimming and sucking orgy party to no ends and BoyCrush offers you all, whether these boys shows up horny to their video or just the way they are. They get all wild and naughty and can’t fuck enough aside from solo models stroking their cock and trying to get you hard BoyCrush is definitely a site worth checking out for all you twink fans.

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Boy Crush Galleries

The web’s most beautiful gay twinks doing what they do best – sucking and fucking for you in front of the camera. Here are some free Boy Crush Galleries to prepare you up before you head over to their sites. These boys are totally hot, and they’ll do anything to satisfy their partner, not to mention us too! Check out this gay orgy action scene and if you like them there are a lot more waiting for you at BoyCrush. These are the type of exclusive contents, videos and photos you won’t find anywhere else on the web!

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Boy Crush Damien Hart

When I was browsing around at some other twink site asides from BoyFun/BFCollection I’ve got to be in the right place when I landed on BoyCrush. There were many cute twinks that has a hot ass for our eyes to watch and our balls to explode. One of the popular gay twinks on BoyCrush is Damien Hart. 18 years old blonde hair with a very attractive smile and not to mention a huge cock! If you’ve seen BoyCrush then you’ve probably seen Damien Hart featuring in many of them. If you enjoy your crush with the twinks then take a peek Boy Crush Damien Hart because he is so worth it.

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