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8teen Boy is one of the best twink and teen hardcore sites out there, with production quality DVD videos being among some of the most crystal clear and hardcore I have ever seen, this is definitely a must see for everyone with a love for the young and fresh up and comers.

With a massive library of movies and weekly updates, this site is actually from a production studio, and the content is the videos that they are going to release into stores. Being a member of 8teenboy does have it benefits here folks, getting the movies before they hit shelves, paying for a month of access to all the content which would cost the same as maybe 1 or 2 of the DVD's, and having them download fast from the convenience of your computer.

Enjoy the free 8teen boy pictures and video samples that I will post on this preview page, and if you’re the type that likes full long and super high quality DVD entertainment, check out the membership option and have them all for the price of a single DVD would run you up!

Full 8teenboy videos and pictures!

8teenboy - Twink Flip Fuck

The final scene in our Runaway Lovers series brings Luke Allen to the streets of San Diego where he is begging for spare change. Blade Woods comes along and has more than change to spare for Luke. The two thin and horny boys decide to make a night of flip-flop fucking to a creamy, carnal finish.

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8teenboy - Beyond Cuddle Buddies

Sophomores Luke Allen and Kurt Summers are bummed that they aren't going to get to be roommates like last year. They're especially sad because they were such good "cuddle buddies" and now when it's time for lights out they won't be able to crawl into each others beds.

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8teenboy - Christian Pounds JD

There's something about the nerdy look that gets Christian and JD boned up and ready for action. Taking each other's Poindexter outfits off is the best part about getting dressed up as the young cuties rub one another's smooth bodies.


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8teenboy - Starr Jerking

Hunter Starr joins the cast of 8teenboy and brings his delicious uncut cock to the table. This twink is excited to join the cast of Helix Studios and show our boys the ways of a Starr.

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8teenboy - Jerking With Jake

With one hand down his ripped jeans Jake Tyler starts to enjoy his own body. Touching himself in all the right spots causes his bulge to grow and harden. We soon discover that Jake has a nice hard cock and baby smooth ass. Catch every inch of this barely 18 year old's sexy body in this stunning solo scene.

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8teenboy - Sencer Keve, Derrick Porter, and Nick Duvall in Underwear Trio

"Nick Duvall, Derrick Porter and Sencer Keve all just got back from shopping for cute underwear. After trying their new cloths on they begin rubbing Derrick's tight hairless twink ass. Before you know it these boys are all over each other sucking each others twink cocks and fucking blond boy Derrick Porters adorable little butt."

That was the story written for this scene, but really all I cared about what who was in it. Sencer Keve, Derrick Porter, and Nick Duvall, I mean come on! Can it get better than that?!

Enjoy the pictures while I'm going to watch the video ;)

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8teenboy - Kyle Ross Max Carter and Luke Allen

Everybody LOVE young guys even the ones who says they don't. It's in our nature so why not embrace it and have fun with it? That's what I say to people who says I'm weird because I like to watch young guys doing it. Now let's be clear, when I say "young boys" I mean boys that are at least 18 years of age. Below is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. In this video, Kyle Ross Max Carter and Luke Allen have some fun on the conference table, oh boy I wish I could have this action at the office HAHA!

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8teenboy - Ashton Michaels and Matthew Summers

Choosing this video wasn't a hard task. It was featured on the member's home page of 8teenboy today and the screen shots of this video are stunning so I couldn't stop myself. It turned out that it was destiny because it was an amazing video and because of that I'm sharing it with you guys.

I hope you'll enjoy!

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8teenboy - Tommy Anders and Jesse Star

8teenboy special today, a lot of you emailed me with request for Tommy Anders so I decided to look for the best scene to give you guys. Let me just say it was hard, Tommy Anders videos are all great and I've watched a lot of them. I decided to pick the following one because of Jesse Starr, who I love as well.

Here are Tommy Anders pictures, enjoy guys!

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8teenboy - Xander and Drake Angels

Great new video this week on 8teenboy. Cute twinks as usual, Xander and Drake Angels. These two twinks go at it like there is not tomorrow! Enjoy the pics and if you'd like a sneak peak of the video, head over to the scene page

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8teenboy - Seth Adams and Casper Benz

Every once in a while, I like to go back on sites I haven't been for a while. Usually, I fine some good stuff but not good enough to have me write about it. I went on 8teenboy earlier today and what I thought would take me a few minutes actually took me a few hours. Why? I got hooked on Casper Benz.

The first picture and a very sexy one I must add, was of Casper Benz. After watching the first video, I couldn't stop myself to watch more videos with him.

Now that I've tell you what I did Friday night, I hope you'll have as much fun as I did with these pics from 8teenboy!

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8teenboy - Tommy and Kaiden

One of my favorite models in 8teenboy has to only be these two.. and seeing them together is like going to heaven. That's right, you don't know what it feels like but you have a good feeling about it. Check out more on these two.

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8teenboy - Devon and Jamie

Nothing is better than watching hot young, gorgous and adorable guys fucking each other's brain out. Devon and Jamie isn't just an ordinary gay twink, they're a beast! When you watch their full length video you'll find out just what happens when Devon sprayed all his gooey cum all over Jamie!

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8teenboy - Rad and Casper

Let's take a break from all the hunks and studs out there and get our minds on twinks! That's right, fresh twinks with a boyish looks and they just don't look any hotter than this!

If you remember my post on Michael and Casper about week ago, you'll notice I've added 2 more scenes from the DVD "Fuck It" that I got from 8teenboy's member section.

The DVD features 8 hot twink models getting straight to hardcore sex. Purely!

Rad and Casper show us what the new generation of twinks can do. Both freshly 18 years old and Casper still with braces these two show us that horny has not gone out of style and the action is hot as ever.

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8teenboy - Jaiden and Kaiden

This scene is purely skater on skater hardcore videos. It just doesn't get any more pleasurable and passionate. Jaiden and Kaiden really get into each other!

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8teenboy - Michael and Casper

Twink star Michael and Casper is back at 8teenboy. Michael, who is sporting a new hair style look and he is looking damn hawt! Casper still got his cute looks and nice toned body. It didn't take that long for these two cuties tear up each other's shirt and begin a to experiment their sexual adventure. There is plenty of actions.. from passionate kissing, body rubbin', some deep cock sucking, and of course some amazing fucking with momentum to blow cum all over the goddamn walls! This full length scene will not disappoint any of the twink fans out there.

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Pictures from hot video

These two 8teen boy twinks were really proactive in their audition for their site, and the quality, intensity and length of movie coverage of this hot and sexual passionate encounter got me rock hard and off like I haven't quite been since my last encounter with one of good black friends (friends with benefits of course)

These guys are only a small example of the quality of hot gay twink models featured in the videos, and if you decide to check out the free 8teenboy movie tour through one of the links here, expect to be hard before you even get inside!

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Pictures from hot video

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